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Wed, May 13 8:50pm · Central Sensitization - please share your stories in Chronic Pain

Hi all just want to share an update ,
My doctor and chronic pain specialist have ruled my chronic pain down to conversion disorder. It’s all very confusing and difficult when my doctors are talking to each other but not to me. A new symptom I now have is pins and needles in my left hand and pain when making a fist or grabbing things and I just have to put up with it until it goes away if it goes away. I’m quite frustrated and feeling so lost. Wishing my doctors would talk to me instead of give me websites where I can read about the disorder.

Wed, Apr 22 8:04pm · Central Sensitization - please share your stories in Chronic Pain

Hi tony,
It’s been a mixture of different pain medications and muscle relaxants. It’s all been trial and error to see what helps and at the moment the medications don’t seem to be helping that much but my doctor isn’t going to change them until we hear back from the pain clinic. Another way I’m managing is trying to get a routine down of daily activities even the smallest things like brushing my hair and teeth. Trying to focus on things outside of my pain (it’s quite hard) such as reading or writing. A lot of doctors put my pain down to mental health issues so even though I always fought to say no I know that’s not the main reason I have started to see a therapist and start a good mental health plan. So really I’ve not been doing anything to help the pain it’s more so what can I do to distract myself from the pain as long as possible. It gets quite hard though when i put the pain off for so long and then I go three to four days of intense pain.
I also want to mention a few months back I broke my ankle and ended up Surgery to fix it. Now a normal person would of bounced back from that now but I am still in the same pain I was when I was recovering so even though my ankle is healed my body is still treating it as if it is broken. I also had two spinal taps when I was in hospital earlier this year and they did then so incorrectly that I now have terrible nerve pain down my legs and pain in my lower back. Due to my central sensitisation these two instances are now Incredulity more painful for me than someone who doesn’t have central sensitisation.

Wed, Apr 22 9:21am · Central Sensitization - please share your stories in Chronic Pain

Hi all,
At the start of the year I was in the hospital for two weeks due to really intense migraines. I’ve had these migraines and neck/back pain , IBS and other general pain for years without ever having answers. When I got released they basically said go see a therapist and go to a chronic pain clinic. So the other week I finally spoke to a person from the chronic pain clinic (couldn’t see her in person due to covid-19) and after the standard conversation repeating everything I’ve been through and all my pain I was so worried she was going to put it all down to “mental health issues” like so many other doctors have told me. At the end of the conversation I said please can you tell me what you think is actually going on and she then mentioned how she believes it is central sensitisation ( the s is there cause I’m from Australia) she then went on to say she’ll call me in a couple weeks after speaking to her team and my doctor about a plan. After the phone call I burst into tears whilst reading about central sensitisation because after all these years I actually have a name/reason for my pain. It wasn’t all in my head. Now I’m trying to read up more about it and stumbled upon this conversation and just hearing that other people are going through what I’m going through is just crazy to me. It’s so hard to keep repeating I’m in pain knowing that no one is actually understanding that I am in pain cause they can’t see a physical reason for it. So sorry for ranting but I just wanted to share my experience so far. I should be hearing back from my pain clinic soon and hopefully they have a good plan for me.
Thank you if you’ve actually read all this.