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Fri, Jul 10 7:06pm · Peripheral nerve stimulators in Neuropathy

Fred, Hopefully now after 11 days the surgery pain has gone away. Have the turned on the device. I'm also looking for a device like yours could you please tell us the company and unit you have?
Thanks. James

Fri, May 15 5:05pm · Member Neuropathy Journey Stories: What's Yours? in Neuropathy

Hi Fredjan, So sorry to hear about your condition. I to am prediabetic and pain in both feet began a month ago. The doctors thought it was due to a pinched nerve at L5/S1 but I had surgery in March this year to fix that problem but the pain has only gotten worse since then. It has been less than 2 months since the surgery so the nerve is still healing according to the surgeon. Gaba did not work for me. I'm now on a wait list to see the neurologist for another nerve conduction test and a consult on what medication might work. I'm curious about the neuro stimulators your Dr. is recommending. Could you please be more specific so I could bring it up with my Dr? There are several different devices and some require electric stimulation of the nerves in the spine that are causing the problem.

Thu, May 14 11:07pm · Can Gabapentin make neuropathy pain worse? in Neuropathy

Hi Dorisena, I forgot to mention that I exercise & go to physical therapy 2x/week. I do this to keep blood flowing to the peripheral nerves to keep them health with the hope that they will stop sending crazy messages to the brain's pain center. I'm reading the book, Life After Pain by Dr Kuttner, that I found on this site. It's helpful explaining how to retrain your nerveous system to stop creating pain where there is no injury. I also failed to mention that I did have a pinched nerve at L5/S1 and had successful surgery 2 months ago. My PCP, the neurologist who made the diagnosis of mild PN, and the neurosugeon all believe that some if not all of my PN is from the pinched nerve which is still healing. Maybe another month before it's completely healed. I'm praying that the most of the PN pain will go away. If not, i'll have to try some other drugs. I had mentioned in a previous post that I've tried several of the salves and creams that others have said stops their pain. None of these had any affect on my pain which encourages my belief that the PN is due to the impacted, now free, nerve
Stay positive,

Thu, May 14 7:31pm · Can Gabapentin make neuropathy pain worse? in Neuropathy

Hi Dorisena, I am prediabetic but my HgA1C is tested every 3 months and it's 5.4 to 5.6. It's possible that my neuropathy is due to being prediabetic. However, I thought that diabetic caused neuropathy results in numbness and I don't have any numbness. My feet feel tight – like the skin has been shrunk. They also feel heavy. But it's the tightness that is painful. I'm not overweight, less than 120 lbs for a slender 5'4'' frame. I also don't eat many carbs. My wife & I eat fish and chicken mostly, lots of veggies and when we have a steak it's 4oz or less.

Thu, May 14 5:09pm · Can Gabapentin make neuropathy pain worse? in Neuropathy

Hi Helen, Thanks for your kind words. I glad you found CBD salve and NSAIDS works. The NSAIDS work for me but CBD salve, 70% Hemp extract, 30% Aloe Vera had no affect on my neuropathy, if that is what I have. I also tried CBD gummies with no affect also DMSO cream. I had a 10% Phenytoin cream compounded which also was a bust. It seems reasonable to assume that if 4 different medicines that help other sufferers of peripheral neuropathy,PN, do not have any affect on my pain that mine is not PN or I have a particularly difficult to treat form of PN. I'll update after my mid June 2020 revisit with the Neurologist.

Thu, May 14 3:56pm · Can Gabapentin make neuropathy pain worse? in Neuropathy

Hi Helen, My PCP increased my dose from 300mg Gabapentin 3x/day to 600 mg 3x/day, but not all at once, because the 300 was not reducing my pain. The 600 actually increased my pain. Now I'm tapering back to 300 3x/day with the goal of eliminating Gaba entirely. According to my neurologist, some if not all of my foot pain was due to a pinched nerver at L5/S1. Surgery 2 months ago released the nerver which, I pray, is healing. I see the neurologist in June to re-evaluate the neuropathy and maybe redo the nerve Conduction Velocity, NCV, test that showed a mild PN 3 months ago. The level of pain I've had since starting Gaba has been extreme and in no way would I describe it as mild.

Wed, May 13 9:28am · Can Gabapentin make neuropathy pain worse? in Neuropathy

I to believe that gabapentin is making my PN worse. What I've experienced in the 1 month since i started Gabapentin was that the PN pain – my feet are hot and feel like the skin has shrunk. Thay also feel heavy. My doctor has been increasing the dose from 100/300/300 morning/noon/bedtime to 600/600/600. On all these dosages, the pain begins around noon and continues until to fall asleep with it. When I awake 8 hrs later there is not pain! This pattern has continued since I started on Gaba. To me that says Gaba is causing the pain. My doctor started me on Gaba because I has an impacted nerve at L5/S1. I was fortunate to have surgery on March 30, 2020 that solved that problem. However because the impacted nerver will take at least another month to heal I was told to stay on the Gapabentin for the pain. Prior to the surgery I had a nerve conduction velocity test that showed I had mild PN in both legs and feet. But the pain I feel is anything but mild. Does anyone else who takes Gabapentin have symptoms like mine? Does PN pain disappear during sleep and come back during the day?

Sun, May 10 1:56pm · CBD. Anyone have any experience with CBD and neuropathy? in Neuropathy

HI @sjhedcon, I have been diagnosed with mild idopathic peripheral neuropathy in my feet. I've tried CBD salve and CBD gummies and neither have had any effect. Everything I've read indicates that every one responds differently. So, you may want to give it a try. I bought my "Nature's Love Organic TopicalReLeaf Salve" CBD salve from "www.natureslove.org" The gummies from "https://plusproductscbd.com" neither worked for me. I also tried DMSO cream and that also didn't work