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Tue, Apr 21 10:51am · Mysterious shortness of breath in Lung Health

I thought I'd contribute as well. I find all your posts and nearly cried from relief. I felt like I was the only one who was suffering from this, doctors making me think it was in my head, me panicking and feeling closterfobic from not getting that air in. I've been feeling this since after my injury in 2000 and subsequent move from my home of Washington State to…ugh… Ohio, kicking in around early September, 2001. I suppose one could say around the 11th,I really felt it. To me it's like when your trying to blow up those looong balloons, but there's something sticking a part of the lower third together, so you have to try harder and harder and harder to get it to unstick so you can fully inflate that soon to be toy poodle 🐩. It's steadily gotten worse and worse as the years stretch on. I have noticed, the more I weigh, the more difficulty I have. If I'm sitting back I have to lean forward to try to catch my breath and unstick that balloon. Lately it's gotten much, MUCH harder to catch and I feel like I'm practically unhinging my jaw to get it to work. It's frightening me, I feel like I'm going to suffocate! I've a bad fear of suffocation, it's how my cousin died when we were both 6. He was caught in the cabin of a boat when it overturned and he couldn't escape. Some say drowning is painless, but… they've never drowned before. I felt my cousin that day, we were the closest of everyone! It hurts. I do have COPD, chronic bronchitis, that I got through genetics from my grandfather. I used to smoke, but I've quit that and alcohol over 10 years ago. I take Subutex for my CROS/RSD to maintain my pain levels, but they refuse to treat my anxiety/PTSD with anything that actuary works because 1 idiot abused it and died and f-ed it up for the rest of us. So I stay at⁸ home for the most part. I'm fairly sedate in my lifestyle since half my body was… let's say simply messed up royally from an IED on the way to a mission point with our convoy when my cargo crew and I were blown to hell and back. I've seen every kind of doctor the VA can throw at me. I've had sever seasonal allergies that amazingly got WORSE when we moved to Miami Valley, Ohio (aka Sinus Valley), but I was OK here for a few months before the gasping happened.