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Thu, May 14 9:39am · Pain in shoulder after cervical surgery in Chronic Pain

Hi everyone, guess I'm the new guy and you're scaring me about what I'm facing in the future. Ten days ago I had a cervical discectomy on C-4,5,6,7. First seven days were great-pain free. Then pre op pain came back-back of head, neck, L shoulder and scapula. Based on pain free first 7 days, I was afraid I hurt it again. (I'm 73 and hit by car while crossing a street). Visited my MD, was told this current "pre op pain" was normal and will continue for another month or two. My MD is talking in "months" to recover and you're talking in "years." I'm very active in senior softball tournaments at the national level and hoped I could start playing again in August. But, after reading your posts, I may be too optimistic.. Good luck to all. joe