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Tue, Apr 28 8:27am · Sore throat, sinus pain, fatigue, low fever & feeling miserable in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

I had similar symptoms as well from fall 2018-may2019 when they said I had asthma and allergies for the first time in my 55 yrs. Still never felt good 3/4 of a yr later on treatment and now identified AERD or Samter’s triad. Apparently this causes internal inflammation as well as other symptoms and can only be treated to the best of ability. Still have lots of days not feeling good and low energy.

Thu, Apr 2 11:35am · Aspirin sensitivity, asthma and polyps in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

Thank you for herb suggestion on tinnitus- just started with that about 4 months ago in addition to other problems. Will have to give a try – your relief with it is encouraging – thank you!

Thu, Apr 2 11:34am · Aspirin sensitivity, asthma and polyps in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

Thank you for reply! I’ve tried everything from herbs to Accupuncture and chiropractic and kinesiology, new meds etc. I prefer natural but realize western meds are necessary sometimes. A lot of my experiences with them unfortunately are either ineffective or cause other miserable side effects.

Thu, Apr 2 10:57am · Aspirin sensitivity, asthma and polyps in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

It’s a steroid that you put in a saline rinse for sinus
I also have a possible ILD ( intertestinal Lung disease) which manifests in various forms of auto immune diseases. I have a lot of other odd symptoms that we aren’t connecting right now – all are inflammatory in nature. I’ve been having a lot of headaches too and they said I should have a brain scan but things were scaling back due to virus so they didn’t do at this time. I’m so sorry you have had a rough couple yrs with what you are dealing with and hope you are getting some relief of some sort. I appreciate you sharing your condition with me, I’m going to research it. We are thankful for the findings at Mayo and are hoping to pursue more info when the dust settles. I pray that you are getting some kind of relief!

Tue, Mar 31 6:16pm · Aspirin sensitivity, asthma and polyps in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

I did find that site and find it very helpful! I have not tried the desensitization yet as I was just diagnosed. They have started me on budesonide, the steroid rinse and have me doing Dulera and Montelukast. Unfortunately I feel like the new steroid rinse is causing other side affects, bad headaches, and chills so far after only 1 week. So much to learn! Do you have AERD? And if so found any treatment helpful?

Mon, Mar 30 9:37am · Aspirin sensitivity, asthma and polyps in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

Hi. I was diagnosed AERD April 27, 2020.
I started having symptoms of severe skin reactions on my face in about 2018 that the dermatologist couldn’t determine cause or find a treatment.
Had had frequent rhinitis/sinus problems over the years and seemed easily susceptible to colds. Then in the fall of 2018 started with a cold, then respiratory flu, then bronchitis, and ridiculous amounts of coughing and never getting better from all the antibiotics and brief relief from prednisone while in it, but symptoms return after course. In May of 2019 they diagnose me with severe asthma at 56. ( never had before and doesn’t run in family) after months of treatment on daily inhalers and not much better went to Mayo and for another opinion and AERD was identified. I had put the ibuprofen connection together after noticing symptoms worse upon taking them. Took them for years for fibromyalgia. I also have an auto immune disease called Alopecia Areata. My question is do most people feel like crap all the time like I do? Even off aspirin. My symptoms are…
-skin rashes – constant headaches-chronic rhinitis/sinusitis-moderate asthma-total body aches and soreness- newly developed tinnitus- loss of smell and taste- weird taste in breath ( not metal)- fatigue – confusion and loss of words. Thank you for open forum of sharing info!