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4 days ago · Body in denial in Chronic Pain

I've made a decision. Finally decided none of the pain is going away by ignoring it or doing soft exercises. Saw general practitioner, she sent me to a sports medicine doc, and he's sent me to pt for my patellafemoral syndrome and achilles problem and to a hand surgeon for my wonky left thumb. Let the games begin.

Sun, Aug 2 6:40pm · Confused About Diet for Stage 3 or 4 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in Kidney & Bladder

I'm trying to stay away from "white" food and junk food. Easier said than done.

Fri, Jul 31 8:26am · How do you accept change as you age? in Aging Well

I'm so glad that someone my ag-ish feels the same. Living in a senior community, I see so many who are "giving in" to what they think they should be. My mantra for the day is "so what?"

Wed, Jul 29 2:09pm · How do you accept change as you age? in Aging Well

@jeanie — I'm still taking one day at a time and revel in the small surprises that come with each day. We're living in a retirement home where no covid cases have occurred so far. We are distanced from each other, even in the dining room, and have to wear masks. On the other hand, we can visit friends and family and run errands and see doctors. We have to take our temps twice a day and after being out of the residence. It's not a bad life. I'm fortunate enough to still be with my husband.

Wed, Jul 29 8:56am · How do you accept change as you age? in Aging Well

I'm with @sapphira. I'm 86 and have so much to share.

Tue, Jul 28 8:56am · Osteoarthritis: Let's connect and support each other in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I have had oa in spots for years. Had my right knee replaced 15 years ago, and it's still doing well. Had the trapazoid bone at the base of my left thumb replaced about 10 years ago, but damaged it in a fall last December, and will have to have it looked at, as it still hurts. I had some in my lower spine and had a laminectomy for that. I have developed arthritis under my left kneecap. I'm on 2 Tramadals a day and 2 hemp gummies a day, and am doing fairly well.

Wed, Jul 22 4:55pm · How do you accept change as you age? in Aging Well

I totally agree.