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Tue, Mar 31 5:52am · Osteoporosis treatment or strontium citrate? in Bones, Joints & Muscles

You might want to go up to the osteoporosis foundation website. There is a group called Inspire where information like this is shared. There are hazards with strontium. The FDA does not recommend it because it can damage the kidneys. There are hazards with Prolia and Reclast. Make sure you understand each one of them thoroughly before you start a treatment, and make sure and that your doctor agrees. It is important to get the right specialist. Some osteoporosis is caused by hormones, and some osteoporosis is caused by digestive disorders for example. Make certain you were working with a Doctor who is used to working with osteoporosis. If you can’t find one ask the Mayo clinic for a referral.

Mon, Mar 30 5:43pm · Telemedicine: How to make the most of a virtual doctor visit in COVID-19

UCF Health uses an app that is the heartbeat of much of my communication with my doctor. The best part is I can send her messages directly (non-immediate) and can receive a response in 24-48 hours usually. It’s been a godsend cutting through sheer offfice delays and having that direct doctor-patient line. I could go into the awesome results, but there’s too many characters to go into that.

Wed, Mar 25 5:19am · What are your tips to work from home and not be distracted? in COVID-19

My dog has a kennel in the garage and he’s been trained that’s his “office” during work hours. Keep regular hours. I update computers at 6 am. I have my coffee and toast in my office by 7:30 am. Now is the time to set up a room /closet as an office with a closable door. Train your family that is working time only and it had better be an emergency just like when you are at regular work for you to be disturbed. Read but don’t answer family texts unless it’s a true problem. Drink tea/coffee like you do at work. Play a low radio in the background with your music. Follow your same working schedule.

Wed, Mar 25 5:14am · Living with arthritis: How do you stay active? in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I bought an adapter to ride my bike in front of my TV in the winter, about $75-100 and worth it. Training athletes use them. Check Facebook bicycle groups, they can help inform you locally. I work out with 10 lb weights and lunges while watching TV too, for my particular case of osteoporosis. I work full time. Walk the dog 30 minutes each morning.