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Tue, Mar 24 11:40am · COVID-19 What do people with immune deficiency need to do? in COVID-19

I kinda think you're getting a little too carried away with fear. Yes it's good to be cautious, but I am six months out from my TP. I think wearing eye protection isn't giving you much a d disinfecting your mail. While I wouldn't discourage from doing whatever you feel comfortable doing, I think keeping your distance is more important. Also find how many cases have been confirmed in your area. If there hasn't been many, decrease your concern a little. if there has been a lot, be more careful.

Sat, Mar 14 7:15am · Liver transplant support group in Transplants

Mine was found in a CT scan. They took care of the tumor right away, but the six month wait is to make you don't develop cancer elsewhere making you ineligible for a transplant.

Sat, Mar 14 7:11am · Liver transplant support group in Transplants

Unfortunately, the MELD is what they look at. I believe that it is the only objective way they have. I was in the same boat. I only got a transplant after developing a tumor in my liver. Wish I could have better news.

Tue, Mar 10 10:43am · Liver transplant support group in Transplants

You almost have to hope for a tumor. I had similar issue with my MELD score not going over twelve for years. But the encephalopathy was really bad. I finally got a tumor and after a sixth month waiting period (mandatory) I got my exception points. Three days later, had a transplant.

Tue, Mar 10 10:37am · Liver transplant support group in Transplants

The symptoms can be quite varied. Personally, my biggest issue was encephalopathy. It can your whole mental status. But others include the yellow skin which can lead to a lot of itching. Esaphogeal varices and bleeding can be another problem. You need to be watchful of these. Most of the other symptoms are pretty invisable.

Thu, Mar 5 11:30am · Transplant Evaluation - What to expect in Transplants

I just had my transplant because of exception points due to a tumor. But I never heard of one for hypertension. You need to be in contact with your team about it. Only they will be able to tell you what your score is according the transplant gods.

Sat, Feb 29 4:44pm · Liver transplant support group in Transplants

Just please tell them that you have issues with versed. This is what they typically to use. It is "consciese sedation" which means you will be awake but you won't remember anything. I always go full sedation with propophol. They don't like to do that because you an anesthesiologist, but it makes it far more comfortable.

Sat, Feb 29 4:34pm · Liver transplant support group in Transplants

While I have never had an ERCP, I have had many EGDs to have varices banded. They do them under Verced, but I never tolerated it well so I was put completely under with Propophol. Never a problem after that.