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Wed, Feb 19 12:39pm · Problems 3 months after colon resection surgery: Help in Colorectal Cancer

Think I'm going to add magnesium tablets to my daily regimen. I did this prior to surgery. I only had to use miralax after heavier meals. I'm only 8 days post op, but things are way different. I go like 5 times a day, but the output isn't as much🤔.

Tue, Feb 18 6:13pm · Problems 3 months after colon resection surgery: Help in Colorectal Cancer

F**king hell, a staple. What awful luck pal. I don't know what to say? You're a tough bird. Good on you! I'm a fighter as well, I bloody love this life–even if it can be right sh*t at times. The world and people are amazing. I'll fight with everything i got to be apart of it as long as i can. Shalom & take care.

Tue, Feb 18 4:05pm · Problems 3 months after colon resection surgery: Help in Colorectal Cancer

Jesus mate, I'm very sorry you've been through all that! May I ask your age? That's quite a lot if sh*te to go wrong with repeated surgeries. What caused the leak? How did they address it? According to my doc that is something I don't need to concern myself with as I've never had any type of abdominal surgery.

Tue, Feb 18 2:14pm · Problems 3 months after colon resection surgery: Help in Colorectal Cancer

I never was offended mate👌🏼. I'm sarcastic myself, it's in my blood I'm English and Jewish. No other way to be I reckon🤣👍🏻.

So I'm 6 days post-OP let me ask you this…how many pain pills is okay to take? My doc upped my dosage from 1 Norco every 4 hours to 2 every four hours. I haven't had any today as I think it slowed my bowels. I went this morning but, there was only about two fists full of poo. That said, all I had was soup, half a slice white bread and one egg. Up until yesterday morning i was going all the time, albeit only a small amount, but at least 7x a day. I understand this is called clumping. One goes a massive amount and then things slow down. Tonight I'm having sponge cake with cooked cinnamon apples. Not sure what else I'll eat to be honest. The pain gets worse as the day progresses. I don't have UC, or Crohn's, or IBD, however I was mostly constipated until 24, then it became 50% constipation, 50% diarrhoea. Might have to ask my GI doc about Linzess. I don't want to do Miralax every bloody day.

Tue, Feb 18 12:40pm · Problems 3 months after colon resection surgery: Help in Colorectal Cancer

I'm an AML Leukeamia survivor mate. My oncologist sent me to a colorectal oncologist. So perhaps they wanted to be *uber careful. And, I'm definitely still feeling like sh*te. I just think things can be smoother for patients. I understand the lingo fine. In fact, I practiced law for a decade, got I'll went back to university in order to go to medical school in my mid 40's. I'll be taking the MCAT this June. I hope to be a patients advocate when I'm done. My medical history is riddled with physicians that could care less. So, yes I'm a cheeky b*stard😆.

Tue, Feb 18 11:36am · Problems 3 months after colon resection surgery: Help in Colorectal Cancer

Here's an odd tidbit…I had a Robotic Xi sigmoidectomy, however on the hospital release info it says "LAR" Lower Anterior Resection. To my knowledge none of my rectum was removed, only my entire Sigmoid and about 3 inches of my descending colon. Why can't things just be straight forward🤬???

Mon, Feb 17 8:03pm · Problems 3 months after colon resection surgery: Help in Colorectal Cancer

Cheers for the info pal. I knew this bollocks of 6 week heal time was twaddle. My body is knackered, my stomach looks like I've fought a heavy weight boxer, there's no bloody way a person can be back to normal in that time frame. I'm giving it a year at minimum.

Today I'm in a lot of pain. Had two doses of pain meds. I told the doc I'd do without and he told me that's literally insane. He was right. I need them for now. I'm taking miralax at bedtime to offset the opiate constipation.

Is anyone's exit cite for their extraction directly above their privates? My incision there is about 3 or so inches. The robot arm must have really been busy in that incision, because I'm black, blue, and yellow. In fact the top of my penid is bruised with noticeable swelling around my testicles. I was told the bruising moves down and this is to be expected.. not by me I can tell ya😆😆. Anyway, this whole ordeal royally sucks lads.

Mon, Feb 17 4:37pm · Problems 3 months after colon resection surgery: Help in Colorectal Cancer

Hello mate, I just had my sigmoid resection last Wednesday 12/02/2020. This may be a bit long. I'm at home under a blanket writing this as that's about as much energy as I have at the moment😆.

I chose to do this surgery electively as I've been in hospital 2x in 3 months, with three visits to A&E. I had enough of the pain, and didn't want to risk getting a bag. I knew right away the diverticulitis was chronic. Let me say this, I'm happy I did the surgery but, the aftermath is utter sh*te. The pain is ridiculous. I was terrified by this surgery. Can't tell you how bloody happy I was to wake up👍🏻. Bit of background, I'm a 46 year old make with a fairly healthy past…mostly. I'm a runner, and have a mostly healthy diet. The only thing I'm making a change lifestyle wise is my alcohol intake. I was a moderate drinker, now I'm only an occasional weekend drinker. Never had any issues mind you, this surgery just had me thinking I'm going to sort some bad habits.

Where, was I🤔? Right, the surgery…after waking up the pain was manageable. By Wednesday night it hurt badly. The following day was by far the worst. I was on Dilaudid until that evening, after which norco. Went home Friday late afternoon. Very difficult get adjusted to getting up and down at home. You also have to stay on top of the pain or you'll be playing catch up for half a day. For the first day and a half I continued to have bloody stools. My doctor said its normal to for up to 5 weeks😱. That seems odd to be fair. Anyway, my BM's were without any blood up until the third bm I passed this morning which was small and mixed poo with blood. Yesterday, I had a chocolate Shake which gave me diarrhoea. All those bm's were normal poo with no blood. I'm not sure what was going on with that earlier bm. My stomach has been gurgling but not overly gassy today. To be honest my entire stomach hurts.

So far going to the bathroom is a very, very odd sensation. Things seem very different. And, obviously my abdominal muscles are cut so pushing at all hurts.

I'm drinking loads of water, walking, and breathing into that device so one doesn't get pneumonia. I'm doing everything I can to get well. I just hope things go better than most on here. Trying to be positive👍🏻👌🏼.