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Mon, Mar 16 12:41pm · Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy? in Neuropathy

I have found the natural opioids work better for me such as morphine. Not sure why others are not recommending fentanyl though. Hope it helps

Sat, Feb 15 4:22pm · Pain Pill Addiction and Neuropathy - Looking for Guidance in Neuropathy

Ok I believe I understand
Thanks so much

Sat, Feb 15 3:17pm · Pain Pill Addiction and Neuropathy - Looking for Guidance in Neuropathy

Gabapentin has been pushed on my for some time. I've been on and off ot for years will little effectiveness. The side effects are numerous. That being said it may work for you and be worth the risk.

Sat, Feb 15 4:30am · This is crazy in Neuropathy

Thanks I'll use the link

Sat, Feb 15 4:29am · This is crazy in Neuropathy

Thanks going to do just that.

Sat, Feb 15 4:27am · This is crazy in Neuropathy

No I saw a pain doc. I had a great relationship with my pcp for 12 years . He then left his own practice and started working for a hospital. The guy he hired to replace him doesn't prescribe opioids. So they sent me to a pain doc and after a nerve test came back negative he started taking me off my meds. I went 3 a second one the one I saw today and hes all over the place. Thanks for sharing much appreciated


Thanks so much! I posted about the appointment I had today it's crazy the conflicts I'm being told.

Fri, Feb 14 3:40pm · This is crazy in Neuropathy

Had my appointment today. The doctor although he seems compassionate he doesn't seem to remember what was said from one visit to the next. He also threats you like a criminal.
I asked for a skin biopsy and his response was I don't even know where to send you for that!
He keeps on saying opioids are not a preferred treatment for neuropathy and when I bring up every article I read list them as a treatment he tell me not in the medical books he has. Said I don't know what your reading. I asked then why has it made my life tolerable for the last 12 years he had no response. I said why have I bin given it for 12 years again no answer. Keeps on saying gabapentin I'm on the maximum dose already and it doesn't seem to help much not even close to the opioids. Frankly I feel little to no difference on or off them. I have heat disease, lung disease, liver disease, skin disease now he wants to ruin my kidneys with gabapentin. The other side effects with gabapentin are not pleasant either. My memory is already shakey how long before its ruined with that drug.
All these doctors are making me sicker. The hydroxyurea I was on that gave me the pain was misdiagnosed in the first place. This is crazy .
Thanks again for all the info and support I bin given!