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Thu, Feb 13 2:44am · Success with low dose naltrexone for Autoimmune disorders in Autoimmune Diseases

Low Dose Naltrexone, otherwise known as LDN, seems to be helping a lot of people lately who have all different types of autoimmune disorders.
The information I read sounds very interesting and would like to know if anyone has tried it personally?

The theory that I read says that many autoimmune issues are caused by a deficiency in endorphins, endorphins regulate the immune system. LDN temporarily blocks the body’s natural endorphin production for a few hours, this tricks the body into thinking it needs to increase endorphin production. When the blockade wears off, all the endorphins are released into the body, regulating the immune system and providing natural pain relief for the rest of the day. Apparently, LDN can increase your endorphins by up to 300%

LDNscience.org has a lot of information and research about it. You can also look at the writer, Annie Habler (@hablerannie) on Medium.com who wrote an article recently about the fascinating background and history of LDN.

Please let me know if you have tried it and what your experience was like. If you could let me know any details your condition,the dosage you used, any side effects, etc it would be helpful.

Thank you!

Thu, Feb 13 2:36am · What does everyone think about Noscapine for AD? in Caregivers: Dementia

Has anyone heard about the new research conducted in Switzerland using Noscapine as a potential treatment for Alzheimer's? It looks promising, would love to hear all of your thoughts on the subject. I am not able to post a link, but you can take a look at the article written by Annie Habler (@hablerannie) on Medium.com which has the information on the topic or maybe message me directly.

Thanks everyone!