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Jul 27, 2011 · Gastroparesis with severe symptoms! in Digestive Health

Crystal Saltrelli (below message) has such a great website and support for gastroparesis. I found the site when I was first diaganoised four months agao. She is a life saver for me when I start to get depressed and feeling sorry for myself. I go read some of the facebook or her website and get a better feel for life. Right now I am having a good spell. I try to keep track of everything that goes on in the day – so when I am having a good day it helps to see if there are trigger points. I seen a UCDavis specialist a couple of weeks ago and she took meoff Domperidone as she didn’t think it was helping and prescribed Reglan. But after reading all the side effects the last thing I want to do is give myself more problems so I never started taking it. I am not taking any meds!! What she also told me to start taking for my constipation is MiraLax and a fiber supplement CITRUCEL (although Crystal website suggest being careful with Fiber supplements). Now that I am not having prog.ems with constipation – the liquid, soft food diet that I am on seems to work. I feel really good with the diet modification. almost feel like I can start experimenting with more solid gastroparesis friendly food again.

Jul 20, 2011 · Gastroparesis with severe symptoms! in Digestive Health

The doctor wants to change my perscription from Domperidine to raglan. Which I have read has bad side effects but if I can tolerate it should help the stomach. I didn’t have much luck with the Neurlogist but that was before I was diagnoised with the gastroparesis. I had called the office after the diagnoises to see if they would want to see me again for furthur evluation with the new condition and they never even bothered to call me back. So that was very dissappointing. I may try a different one. I asked the gastro-specialist yesterday about Vegus Nerve damage and she said that would usually only happen during surgery or accident – that the nerve wouldn’t be damaged due to virus/autoimmue/etc. she also didn’t see how come I have chest/shoulder pain/dizziness when I am having stomach issues. She didn’t see the connection – so wants to test the mobility of the upper esphagus. Let me know if you have any help with the nuerologist – I still wonder if the RamsayHunt shingles that I had last year had anything to do with this condition – as that seems to play hectic with peoples nerves and pain. But I haven’t found anyone that believes there is a connection there either.

Jul 19, 2011 · Don't know what kind of specialist to see in Just Want to Talk

To begin with doctors didn’t suspect gastrology problems because I never complained about the stomach hurting. It was always the chest; shoulder; arms/fingers tingling; dizziness/lightheaded and joint pains. that is why it was cardialogist and neuologist. But after all of their test of heart; MS; brain, etc – my general practitionist said the only thing they hadn’t done was an upper GI scope. And since I did have acid reflux – she thought it would be a good idea. I was told not to eat after 10pm for the morning test. After the test the doctor seemed a little upset because he said I shouldn’t have had anything to eat. I told him I hadn’t had anything to eat since one bite of a bread pretzel at 6:00pm. He was kind of shocked because the food was still in my stomach. So he scheduled me for the emptying study – It showed that after 3 hours 85% of the eggs were still in my stomach. A normal stomach will have almost 100% out in 2 hours. So now I only eat soft foods like pudding; jello; mashed potatoes; clear/cream soups; cream wheat; milk shakes/smoothies. As long as I don’t experiment the pain in shoulder/chest is manageable. But if I go off and eat something a little solid – it will be good for a day and then by the second day I pay for it with all of the symtoms.

I have the same problem with the hip pain. Some days I am fine and feel I could walk for a mile. Other days I can barely get off the couch. I have found sleeping with a body pillow really helps me. As I wrap by body into it and relieves the leg and hip pain. Just wish I knew what the trigger is – as to why some days are better than the other. I am going to a University Doctor tomorrow for the gasterparesis – Hopefully I can get some anwers and what other kind of specialist they think I should be seeing. Because I really believe that my gastroparesis is the result of some unlying cause and not that the gastroparesis is causing all of my sickness.
Take care –

Jul 19, 2011 · Gastroparesis with severe symptoms! in Digestive Health

Wow – You sound just like me!! Have you had your stomach checked to see if it is emptying properly? Also noticed the ears – I never mentioned that but my ears ring almost constantly – worst if I am having a bad episode. I am going to a University Doctor tomorrow for the GI – gastroparesis. But I still want to find out what the underlying cause might be and hopefully treat that. My job (postmaster) is very stressful and that has been mentioned before. I know it has been said how much stress can play in a person health. Could all come down to that. Since January I have lost 30 pounds – could have stood to loose 20 – but now I am just scared that I will continue to loose. I would love to be normal again also.

Jul 17, 2011 · Gastroparesis with severe symptoms! in Digestive Health

Does anyone have gastroparesis (low stomach emptying) and what are you doing to manage the problem. I was finally diagnoised with this condition this year after at least 3plus years of unexplained illness. Most of my symtoms were related to pain in the chest; deep back shoulder pain; lightheaded/dizzyness; I always felt like I was having a heart attack. But each time I went to the ER all the heart test came back fine and was told it was just acid reflux. I have been to cardiology; neuralogy; gastrology. I have had heart test; stress test;;thryrod; diabectic test; all kinds of blood test (only showed low vit D) MRI of brain; spinal tap. Finally had stomach emptying test in March – which showed 85% food still in stomach after 3 hours. I have had to switch to a no fat; low fiber diet – pretty much all liquid; soft (babyfood like) foods. If I do experiment and eat something that doesn’t move through – then I end up with the deep shoulder pain; lighthed/dizziness;; numbness in the arms/fingers and over all wekness. In order to overcome this feeling – It seems to work by drinking just water /gator aid for at least a day. I just don’t know if this all started by a nerve damage issue or if it is reverserble. I have done a lot of internet reading and there doesn’t seem to be anything to do except eating habit changes. And no one else seems to associate the pain I have with the stomach – I never seem to have stomach pain – Only fullness; nausea; bloating/gas. I also am not diabetic. Which my understanding is a reason for this condition. If you have this condition – what are your symtoms and how are you managing? Thanks

Jul 17, 2011 · Don't know what kind of specialist to see in Just Want to Talk

45 year old woman: I totally feel your pain in not know what to do for yourself. For the past three plus years I have been to the ER three times; have seen cardilogist; nuerologist; gastrology; thyroid test; all kinds of blood test; spinal taps; MRI of brain; heart; stress test, etc. I also had the low V-D. Not sure who to see now. I have now been diagnoised with Gastroparesis (stomach muscles do not work – so stomach will not empty). But even though I am trying to manage that by changing my diet to liquids and soft foods – I still will get extremely sick. My symtoms also change over time and never know what to expect. When I first became sick – It was lightheadness; fatigue; and just all over weakness. I would drop asleep as soon as I would sit down on the couch. Could not even walk to mail box. Then after a time I started to have the pains in my chest, back shoulder; nauseated; and still the dizziness; I would have a strange taste; extreme thristy; need to urinate every 15/20 minutes; My joints would feel like they were swelled; knees and hips hurt; Went to ER and each time they said it wasn’t my heart – but acid reflux. One thing I never really complained about was stomach pain – so that was one of the last things I was tested for. That is what I was finally diagonised with. But I can’t find any answers as to why the stomach doesn’t work anymore – Is there some underlying cause that is being overlooked. should I be treated for something that will make the stomach work again – It seems if I eat something that does not pass and sits on the stomach – I still have the awful chest pains; deep shoulder pain; arms and finger numbness; lightheaded and nauseated. Most the time it feels like a heart attack. Last year I had a real bad case of Ramsay Hunt (Shingles of the head/ears). So I am looking into if this may have been a unlying cause. I also have been looking into Candida Overgrowth. You might want to check out this website – If there is anything to it – sounds like it could be a reason for a lot of unknown illnesses. Good luck in discovering your best treatments and diagnosis. Hope you find some help within this forum.