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Jul 17, 2011 · Nissen Fundoplication in Digestive Health

Yes, I am sure it is a result of surgery, and probably the Nissen fundaplacation. Dr.s have expalined it can be becaause nerves are servered in relocationg stomach from it’s herniated position above the diaphram. My surgeon was very experienced with laproscopic surgery and the Nissen procedure. Although he is very experienced Johns Hopkins Hospital is a teaching hospital,they use doctors who are in training , so I am sure they “practiced “on me. I had two top doctors reccommended to me. Maybe I should have selected the one who worked at the non-teaching hospital. I would certainly ask around and also see if they even mention dumping syndrome as a possible negative outcome. My surgeon did not tell me this was a possibility,. In fact never sugggested the possibility after I told him of my reoccuring symptoms, which are quite classic for late dumping syndrome. Also, afterward I spoke to someone who had the same operation, but had negative outcomes, he problem was diffuculty eating and she is very restricted on what foods she can tolerate. I hope this is helpful.

Jul 17, 2011 · Nissen Fundoplication in Digestive Health

Well, the surgery corrected the cough, theGERD, and the hernia, but the nausea was caused by dumping syndrome. This is a reoccurring problem which causes episodes of hypoglycemia. Even today!

Jul 17, 2011 · Nissen Fundoplication in Digestive Health

I had laproscopic nissen fundaplicatipn as part of hiatal hernia repair. That was in Aug 2008. My primary reason for the surgery was internal bleeding fron ulcers in essophogus. Prior to the surgery I had a chronic cough. That has been completely cured. I was on PPI prior to surgery, then taken off. No problems with that. I was nauseous for a Long time. The Dr.would not give me a medicine for that. He said take ginger. Eating small meals helped. Good luck and I hope your are feeling better.