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Wed, Jan 29 7:31am · Bile Duct Cancer Scare in Cancer

My husband's doctor is in the process of ruling out bile duct cancer after a fluke discovery on some unrelated imaging that was done in December. All of his blood marker tests have come back well within normal limits but there is this lime-sized "thing" that is in his liver that is puzzling everyone. He is prone to hemangiomas and they just feel this one tumor isn't acting like a hemangioma. We were feeling rather optimistic about the marker tests being so normal, but yesterday when we went in for his biopsy, the interventional radiologist came out to talk to me, he sent me to Google to read about intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma. He has no idea what a mistake that was to send me to Dr. Google and now I am freaking out with no medical professional to answer our questions. My husband does not smoke, drink or have any signs of any form of cirrhosis. He is not in any of the risk groups and is generally the picture of health. What are the chances this could be something else? What are the chances this is contained enough that he won't fall into these horrible statistics I'm reading about? Thanks for anything you can share with me.