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Sun, Apr 5 6:25am · CBD oil and depression/anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

I have been using CBD oil. I started when I weaned off anti-depressant (valinofaxin) – last pill was December 25/19. Now with the Covid19 crisis and being in isolation, it is the deal breaker. I find with the anxiety my heart flutters when it is bad. The CBD oil seems to calm that down, as well as keeps the tears at bay. I take it in the morning and before I go to bed. use more at night to help with sleep. I use the spray – I just tried the dropper kind and I do not like it at all. The flavour and the oily consistency just set me back. The spray has no flavour and is not oily. I see some people use the water, and I would like to try but have not seen it here. Live in Canada.

Thu, Mar 26 10:24am · CBD oil and depression/anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

CBD oil:
I am taking CBD oil and find good results. I use it in the morning for anxiety and at night for anxiety and sleep aid. It does not make you feel cloudy or drowsy at all. It just keeps things on an equilibrium so that you are better able to cope. I was not taking it daily, but being isolated has increased my anxiety levels ten-fold, and I have been using it daily. In Canada, you can get the CBD oil with 'marijuana', but I get just the CBD oil. No reason other than I am apprehensive getting the other. I am told the combo works very well for those who take it. Gives them a bit of a high, but nothing like just plain MJ. I would recommend CBD oil for anyone suffering with anxiety.
I was on anti-depressants for 25 years and weaned off them completely Dec 25/19. Anxiety went through the roof, and I got the CBD oil on the advice of my son. It has really helped me. I don't want to go on anti-depressants ever again. Getting off was extremely hard

Wed, Mar 25 8:01am · Best antidepressants for anxiety? And about to begin a benzo taper in Depression & Anxiety

"How does a doctor test for ADHD."
I have three boys with ADHD. A psychologist does the assessment – not your doctor.
They were in school, and the psychologist sent the report to the school. The report was recognized and respected by the school Awareness at school is critical.

Sun, Mar 22 11:19am · How are you handling anxiety in this time of COVID-19? in Depression & Anxiety

Right on! Everything you said…

Sun, Mar 22 11:17am · How are you handling anxiety in this time of COVID-19? in Depression & Anxiety

yes…we are socializing from a distance, to be sure, and it is helpful to know others are caring out there and sharing

Sun, Mar 22 10:40am · How are you handling anxiety in this time of COVID-19? in Depression & Anxiety

In January, 2019, I started vomiting every day. Went to the doctor, but he couldn't tell what was wrong. Referred me to a gastroenterologist (haven't heard from him yet!) Anyway, I was surviving on 12 hour gravol morning and night. Went to visit my sister, who is a registered holistic nutritionist, and she went through my meds. She determined it must be the anti depressants, so when I returned home, I went to see my doctor and asked him for help getting off them. He indicated that the drug I was on (valinofaxin) had generic brands started a couple of months previous – maybe that was what triggered it. But after investigating, I found that I had not been given the generic. So basically had either been on the drug too long, or had developed an allergy to it – which can happen with anything.But he is such a good doctor, he helped me get off them and is seeing me every month.

Weaning off the drug was not easy, as I am sure you found as well. But the nausea and vomiting stopped gradually. Each time I reduced my dosage, I would vomit – weird, huh? I no longer vomit and the nausea has finally stopped as well. So my sister nailed it!

I have been taking ValeriCalm, which is anti anxiety/sleep aid. Purchase at health food stores. It seems to help. Also, I don't know if you are in Canada or not, but cannabis CBD oil is another one that helps. My heart flutters when anxiety is high, and the CBD oil seems to help that. (It does not have marijuana in it) It is effective in treating anxiety, OCD and other things. Having said all that, I find tears are under the surface all the time. So much so that I embarrass myself by times.

Sun, Mar 22 9:22am · How are you handling anxiety in this time of COVID-19? in Depression & Anxiety

We are doing the email and phone thing. My son set my mother up on video phone, but being 89, she will probably not accomplish it without him. I suffer with anxiety anyway, and this situation is taking its toll. I was on anti depressants for 25 yrs and just weaned off them – last pill was Dec 25/19. Was full of anxiety after that, and with this Covid19 – my anxiety is right up there. Go for long walks which seem to help somewhat. However, tears are on the surface most of the time. I have heard that there is quite an attitude where baby boomers are concerned…like this is our fault. What is wrong with people? One post actually said that now the boomers are going to die, maybe I can buy a house…