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Tue, Mar 31 4:56am · Fact or Myth about Ibuprofen and COVID-19? in COVID-19

I was told by my pharmacist and doctor that there have been some papers written on why ibuprofen should not be used as it will compromise the immune system and on the other hand other doctors are saying that it is fine.. Personally I don't like to take either medication but I have been trying to find a legit reason as to why seeing as my mother is diabetic and has chronic pancreatitis so I try to help her out when i can

Sat, Mar 28 11:08pm · Music Helps Me in Just Want to Talk

@jimhd my day was good spent it gaming as that is my escape I love listening to death metal and black metal music the double kicking on drums is so amazing. Where I am they have declared a state of emergency and shut down our town except for pharmacy and grocery my brother hasn't really came to see me so that is working ok so far I have to do councelling over the phone and same with my psychiatrist appointments it was rainy here but mild so hopefully spring comes soon and I can start my garden

Fri, Mar 27 6:14am · Antisocial Personality Disorder in Mental Health

@anncgrl I understand the rage aspect very well seeing as i go through it at least once or twice a week I have a friend in Toronto Canada I talk to and he helps me make sense of things such as saying there is no reason to be that way it will only raise your blood pressure I try to explain to him that it can come out of no where and for no reason Im glad that this site exists to at least help and advise hope you have a great day

Thu, Mar 26 8:30pm · ASPD and BPD in Mental Health

@hopeful33250 yes i agree thank you it will def something I look at forsure

Thu, Mar 26 3:29pm · ASPD and BPD in Mental Health

@hopeful33250 For me it is very difficult to explain but ill try. Where both are cluster b personalities they are very co-morbid with each other they do share some similar triats but with borderline there are a possible 256 combinations for it with my symptoms I have extreme anger and aggression and with the antisocial it is the same I do have a tendency to find ways to break laws and violate social norms I am currently enrolled in mental health councelling and on medication to help me out I take clonazopam to keep me calm and it seems to work every day is very difficult because i can go from 0-100 in a matter of seconds

Thu, Mar 26 2:45pm · ASPD and BPD in Mental Health

@jimhd I also will follow this thread because i have been diagnosed with both disorders and managing the symptoms of one over the other is very tricky

Wed, Mar 25 8:37pm · Music Helps Me in Just Want to Talk

Most of the problem is where they are both cluster b personalities they are very Co morbid and for me anything sends me into a violent rage then I'm told I'm wrong

Wed, Mar 25 8:25pm · Music Helps Me in Just Want to Talk

@peach414144 I try so hard everyday to find things to keep my mind active and not to participate in my aspd or bpd ideas but most of the time they always win and i find myself in trouble