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Mon, Feb 3 4:51pm · My experience with Small Fiber Neuropathy in Neuropathy

I just came across this post and now find myself in the same boat. My neuropathy started as a sensation a hot water being poured on my right anklet feeling last spring. It stayed that way for some time and i chalked up to the healing of a bad cut on my shin at that time( thinking the nerves were healing) It later progressed up my leg, into the other foot and eventually from the waist down on both sides becoming more symetrical. It is definitely more pronouced in my feet. The hot sensations into a numbness if I don't walk, remove my shoes or move around. A bath or water on my feet help. I have a diagnosis of small fiber neuropathy but do not have a cause. My understanding is that alchohol and diabetic neuropathy doesn't behave in this manner. I eliminated alchohol for over a month and a half with out much improvement. The systems move around and vary but the general trend is getting worse.

Curious to se if you found anything out? Thanks