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Wed, Jun 3 9:51pm · Post prostatectomy: What do rising PSA levels mean? in Prostate Cancer

I am surprised they did not start hormone therapy. That is pretty standard whether you decide to go with radiation or surgery is my opinion. I started ADT hormone therapy as soon as my cancer was staged.

Wed, Apr 22 6:57pm · Anyone had Proton Beam SBRT radiation at Mayo Clinic? in Prostate Cancer

Hi Colleen,
I just want to clarify the fact that I am neither being treated nor have I received any treatment at Mayo. I am getting my treatment at the University Of Iowa, Holden Cancer Center. Initially, I was considering Mayo. They looked at the treatment options presented by the UI clinic and indicated that they would not be offering anything different so I started my treatment at the University clinics.
While I was waiting for the second opinion from Mayo, I joined this support group.
My current treatment plan includes radiation after I complete my chemo. I will see if Proton beam radiation is an option.

Tue, Apr 21 9:34am · What is the average age of the gentlemen on here? in Prostate Cancer

Hi Alan,

What treatments did you take for 7 years before starting on Lupron? It is good to know that Lupron is working well for you and you’ve been on if for 3 years.
It is my understanding that Lupron will work for 5 years and then we have to go on something else. I would like to know is there anyone who has been on Lupron for more than 5 years?
Zytiga along with Lupron will extend this 5 period by another 18 months or so is what I have heard.

Thu, Mar 26 10:39pm · What is the average age of the gentlemen on here? in Prostate Cancer

I turned 59 in 2020 but diagnosed with cancer in November 2019. I am also considered young to get this disease. My PSA started going up in 2015. It was around 5 at that time but in 2019 October it went up to 9 so my PCP referred me to a Urologist. After the biopsy, scans, etc., it is determine as stage 4. I started hormone therapy ( Lupron shots in January), Chemo in February( just got me 3rd infusion yesterday abc have 3 more to go), and I’ll be be getting radiation therapy after the Chemos.

Wed, Feb 26 9:53am · Prostate cancer diagnosis and decisions in Prostate Cancer

@remoteman7, Thanks for the oil swishing tip. I’ll definitely give it a try. As you said, it shouldn’t hurt. These little sore buggers have dug in there and just don’t want to leave my mouth.
We mostly use olive oil for cooking, so we have a gallon can sitting around in the kitchen. Also, I soak up lot of that raw oil when we go to Italian restaurants and they serve olive oil in a bowl and variety of bread to dunk in.

By the way, after 5 more sessions of chemo, I am scheduled to start radiation. So I have a long way to go!

Tue, Feb 25 9:43am · Prostate cancer diagnosis and decisions in Prostate Cancer

Hi Colleen,
It has been close to 4 weeks since I got my first Lupron shot. So far so good except for the sex drive. I have completely lost it. The only other side effect is an occasional hot flash at night.
I also started Chemo 2 weeks ago. I had some serious throbbing pain all over my body for couple of days. Then I had headaches. Then only medication I took for these are Tylenol and/or Motrin.
Now I have been suffering from mouth sores for the past 4 days and it is terrible. I also lost my appetite and sense of taste. Due to loss of appetite, mouth sores and becoming hard to eat, I have lost 5 pounds.
Because of fatigue, headache mouth pain, I haven’t exercised or walked in a week. Just 10 days ago I ran 4 miles on the treadmill!
I am crushing all my food and trying to drink it and also started some protein shakes. I am planning to walk on the treadmill for at least 15 minutes today.

Mon, Feb 17 4:17pm · Stage 4 prostate cancer treatment options in Prostate Cancer

Hi @herbg
Is taxol same as Docetaxel? Can you send me the link to the literature you mentioned about taxol+ADT?
I started chemo with Docetaxel( brand Taxotere) last week. I am supposed to go through six sessions, one every three weeks.
Have you had any side effects with chemo? I am having muscle pain and random shooting pains all over the body. ( I also started Lupron shots 2 weeks ago)

Tue, Feb 11 7:22pm · Stage 4 prostate cancer treatment options in Prostate Cancer

My stats:
I am 59.
Cancer stage – 4( based on Gleason score – 9, a hip lesion, tumor near the bladder, enlarged lymph nodes, it is considered metastatic)
Cancer detected – December 2019 (PSA 9 started the chain reaction)
Staged – Jan 2020 ( after biopsy, MRI, bone scan, CT abdomen)
Treatment started Jan 30.

Well, it has been 2 weeks since I got 22.5 mg of Lupron Depot, deposited into my right buttock. I was anticipating the backseat driver to takeover my life. I was thinking, my life, going forward, would be like sitting in a driverless car and wondering when the AI- based driver is going to crash.
Well so far so good. No major reactions yet! Feels like steering is handled by a nice Uber driver!

I have been exercising regularly for the last couple of weeks by walking/running for an hour daily on the treadmill. I have been using the Activity app to keep track of the exercise minutes and to keep up the motivation.

Just because I got Lupron under my belt, I can’t rest yet. My lifeboat is getting rocked again tomorrow!

I am going to start Chemo with Docetaxel( Taxotere). My oncologist recommended this therapy in place of taking Zytiga and Prednisone pills life long. If I go through this – once every 3 weeks, six session chemo, I don’t have to take those pills I believe.

I would be interested to know your experience with Docetaxel.