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Sun, Jan 19 10:41pm · Zoledronic Acid: I need feed back for this drug please in Breast Cancer

@kathysway I had the exact same reaction. Ended up in ER. I now get a shot of Xgeva every 3 months. I have only a few aches for a few days after. Ask tour doctor if it's an alternative.

Sun, Jan 19 10:34pm · Preventative double mastectomy in Breast Cancer

Yes you got that correct. I have metastatic disease now in bones, lung and brain. I am on active IV chemo. She is my biggest support.

Sat, Jan 18 2:19pm · Preventative double mastectomy in Breast Cancer

@jodymattinen I was disappointed in 2016 with stage 4 breast cancer, 41 years old tested positive for the gene and decided to have a doubt masectomy with no reconstruction. I am now metastatic in lungs, bones and brain.
My sister then was tested for the gene and was positive. She does not have cancer, but she elected to do a preventive double masectomy with reconstruction. She is Very happy. Knowing that she is able to reduce risk is a mental life saver for her. Sometimes she wishes she didnt have reconstruction. The reconstruction is multiple surgeries. But they look good now and she is happy.

Sat, Jan 18 1:50pm · Metastatic Breast Cancer: Whole brain radiation side effects in Breast Cancer

@karenatmayo I did whole brain radiation this past October for breast cancer mets to brain (I also have it in bone and lungs). I am 41 years old.I had almost exactly your side effects. I didnt eat, lost a lot of weight. Spent a lot of time in bed and a few hospital visits. It DOES get better, but takes a fee weeks if not longer after your last treatment. Very important to stay HYDRATED If nothing else. Protein drinks like Ensure, pedialyte or Gatorade all have a little extra for your body. My hair on the other hand hasn't even started to grow back….least of my major worries. Let me know if you have any specific questions. Sending healing thoughts your way.