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11 hours ago · Neuropathy in feet and limited toe movement? in Neuropathy

@plbelanger I have to agree with John, there is no good reason why you shouldn't be getting a timely response to your question. Our GP will either answer, have his nurse answer or someone else who can find out the answer from the doctor or nurse. These portals are your lifeline to your doctor and if they are not going to respond why have them? I'd call as John suggests and if you do not get a satisfying answer from them bring this issue up next time you are face to face with your doc. Best, Hank

4 days ago · Eyes and Neuropathy in Eye Conditions

@jimhd Hi Jim, just as an FYI, there are youtube videos about how to share links in case you'd like to learn. I saw one that is just under 2 minutes long which is a pretty good nutshell version. Here it is:

Its called "how to send a link in an email" but it works just as well in other venues like on Connect, etc. There are a bunch of other videos about the same subject, some longer (one was over 9 minutes -egad!). Best to you, Hank

5 days ago · Peripheral nerve stimulators in Neuropathy

C'mon Lori, buck up! You know you have to move ahead on this Because you are doing your very best to do what is right FOR YOU. The results are not in your hands, you just have to take the plunge. Anyone in your shoes would be worried of course. That is why you leave it in God's hands and accept the result that he has in mind for you. Don't fret. You are going to be fine. Linda and I will toast your success next Thursday (just one week!). Hank

6 days ago · Eyes and Neuropathy in Eye Conditions

Yes, I get your take on it. Thanks, Hank

6 days ago · Eyes and Neuropathy in Eye Conditions

Hi @avmcbellar, my interest was piqued by the trial results made by the company as to the corneal small fiber nerve growth measured by the taking of their omega 3 oil, that's all. I've been vegetarian (no meat, fish, poultry) since 1976 but I do allow exceptions for health if
necessary, but I don't see the ethical difference between fish oil and seal oil?

6 days ago · Eyes and Neuropathy in Eye Conditions

Thanks John, you're better than the Library of Congress for information. So quick too!

6 days ago · Eyes and Neuropathy in Eye Conditions

Hi John, thank-you, yes I am familiar with the Protocol 525, but what I am wondering about is whether anyone takes DPA specifically and if they have noticed any benefit to their SFPN from taking it. More specifically I am curious about AUUM's products because of the Canadian trial results I mentioned in the previous post. One of them NeuroPerformance, contains 45 mg DPA (Docosapentaenoic acid) according to their description. Hank

6 days ago · Eyes and Neuropathy in Eye Conditions

Hi, has anyone had any experience with taking omega3 supplements that contain DPA? Specifically any that comes from the AUUM company?

I happened upon some information this morning about Omega 3's in relation to SFPN. Someone on another blog mentioned this Canadian company called AUUM who makes omega3 products that apparently aid small fiber nerve growth (quantified by measuring corneal nerve fiber length (CNFL)). AUUM's website auum.ca says that one Canadian trial found that "patients on average experienced a 29% increase in corneal nerve fibre length when supplementing AUUM oil, which is considered to be representative of small nerve fibre regeneration in other parts of the body." The difference in their omega3 oil is apparently that it comes from mammals (seal oil) as opposed to fish and therefore contains more DPA (most omega3 supplements only contain EPA and DHA to any significant amount). DPA is said to be very important to nerves and most people do not get enough. This is what I have gleaned in a couple of hours of searching info on the web, but I have just scratched the surface. Looking for anyone who has knowledge or experience regarding this subject, especially if anyone has tried any AUUM's products. Thanks.