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6 days ago · Notalgia Paresthetica help in Chronic Pain

Thanks so much! I believe the cause is a compressed nerve, since I'm also experiencing some numbness in my left arm. There could also be some mayofascial pain going on as I've carried heavy totes on my left shoulder for many years and the repetitive strain is bound to be a factor. The itching that comes with notalgia paresthetica has been off and on for over 20 years, and it's still there, but the pain is front and center for the last year. An Xray showed mild DJD and the MRI showed DJD and some fairly common benign tumors called hemangiomas, but my doctor didn't think they were the cause of the pain. I'm also having pain in my sit bone/ischial tuberosity and have been working with a pelvic floor specialist but no relief yet. I'm fine with standing in terms of back and pelvic pain but sitting has become very painful. Probably TMI here, but just wanted to put it out there in case it's helpful:) Thanks again!

Thu, Mar 19 7:55pm · Notalgia Paresthetica help in Chronic Pain

Hi – has anyone been diagnosed with Notalgia Paresthetica? I've had the itch that comes with this condition for years, but it has worsened over the last year and is now very painful. The center of the pain is under my left shoulder blade. I'm also experiencing numbness in my left arm. I've had x-rays and MRIs but no doctor has been able to address it – or even acknowledge that it's an issue. I've been in physical therapy for months and tried acupuncture but neither have helped, although my posture has improved greatly. Any feedback is appreciated!

Sun, Jan 19 7:11am · Pain in the butt - Can't sit down in Chronic Pain

I will check it out, thanks! My physical therapist specializes in pelvic floor therapy and has been using MFR. I thought I had bursitis, but she believes it's a myofascial restriction. I think we may be making progress but it's really slow and I'm still feeling that dull ache when I sit down. It's very helpful to see what others have tried and what else might work.

Sat, Jan 11 8:49am · Pain in the butt - Can't sit down in Chronic Pain

Thanks. Do you know what the recommended treatment is for that?

Thu, Jan 9 11:13am · Pain in the butt - Can't sit down in Chronic Pain

Has anyone tried acupuncture? I've been going to a physical therapist who specializes in pelvic floor therapy for about two months but have not made too much progress with the sit bone pain. Mine is very localized and I haven't had an x-ray or MRI but my therapist believes it's just muscle "knots" rather than bursitis, which I initially through it was. I tried a massage pillow and that made it worse, so I hesitate to use any type of electronic stimulation. I appreciate any feedback, thanks!