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Tue, Jan 7 12:18am · Leg length difference after TKR! in Joint Replacements

I have the exact same problem! I came out of surgery in so much pain and even had to stay an extra day due to pain management. I kept telling them my leg was to long and it felt stretched. They just told me that it was impossible to come out of a TKR with a longer leg. One surgeon ever said that if they would have done that I would be in a lot of Pain because you can’t stretch tendons that long. I’m now 3 year post op and the pain is 24/7 and I am still taking oxy for the pain. Yep 3 year of oxy just do I can walk. I’m about ready to have them just remove the leg to stop this pain.
I’d love to hear how your sister is doing.

Thanks for listening

Mon, Jan 6 11:59pm · Leg length difference after TKR! in Joint Replacements

Hi Mamie I am just curious how your sister is doing today, I am three years post knee replacement surgery and have major leg length discrepancy and still have major pain. By back pain is also getting worse. I know this is all due to my leg length discrepancy but nobody believes me. Has your sister found any relief?
Hope to hear from you,