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Sun, Mar 29 1:34pm · Are you getting cancer treatments during COVID-19? in COVID-19

@lioness and all, Walmart also has store policies that limit vital pain meds that patients need, which I didn't know anything about until trying to pickup an opioid prescription for my wife. We were counting the days before we could have our prescription filled when I stepped up to the pharmacy check out to pick it up. They said it wouldn't be available for 3 more days despite it being 30 days past her last script for the same med. I asked them why and they said the insurance and doctor had approved the script for pick up that day but it was Walmarts policy to extend the refill date the 3 added days. I hope someone can tell me that I'm mistaken because how can any retailer arbitrarily withhold a patients legal script for a controlled substance if it is legal? Someone please tell me I am wrong, or reinforce my experience. Walmart or any pharmacy has no right to do this. This is another reason as I mentioned previously that we moved our pharmacy needs to Target. We picked the script on the next day there, 2 days before we could have at Walmart. My wife simply could not wait as she was suffering with many painful side effects of MM chemo.

Sun, Mar 29 1:14pm · Are you getting cancer treatments during COVID-19? in COVID-19

@lioness, we have had similar issues with our local Walmart stores. There are 4 close by and NONE have had most of what we need. Target is the store that we have had the most success with. They have a published self limiting campaign in our local stores to prevent hoarding so that has had a positive effect on availability. I'm sure there are more Walmarts around than Target stores, but guess where I'll continue to shop even more? Capitalism is great, but not at the expense of others who need supplies and food to just survive. Good luck to all. We even cancelled our Walmart pharmacy needs in favor of a CVS located in our favorite Target store. It is not too busy like the Walmarts so exposure is also more limited for safety of all high risk patients.
Take care!

Thu, Mar 19 12:01pm · COVID-19 Advice for Caregivers from the Centers for Disease Control in Caregivers

@IndianaScott. Thanks for the update. My company while small has significant tech capabilities as well as established positions that are 100% remote-in my department! Yet another reason for enabling me to also do it instead of making it difficult for me. When the pandemic plateaus if not before I'll have a list of advantages to the business for me working remotely to share. My wife is ok although at her treatment tomorrow they already called and let us know that no visitors are allowed in the treatment rooms. My wife gets to treatment in an ambulance on a stretcher having been on her back for some 7 months, so her being immobile without a caregiver is especially stressful. We'll get it done though. Treatments last 4-5 hours. Thanks again for your help.

Thu, Mar 19 2:19am · Multiple Myeloma: Not a candidate for chemo, what's next? in Blood Cancers & Disorders

@irishgeraldine another thing. My wifes first prognosis was stage 3 at diagnosis (the final terminal stage of MM). It was so worrisome for me since I thought she might have no chance of improving. Well I've since found out it is possible to improve your prognosis. It's not always a one way street. I believe she's now stage 2 due to treatment. I'm still fearful though of what's happened to her body thus far that wasn't caught earlier. Please keep in mind that I have few other reference points with this disease and am still learning about it. My initial thoughts are treating it has been challenging but with the right medical team a lot of the unknowns can be answered which has been very helpful for our outlook.

Thu, Mar 19 1:47am · Multiple Myeloma: Not a candidate for chemo, what's next? in Blood Cancers & Disorders

So very sorry about your sister's condition. My wife was diagnosed with MM in late 2019. Her situation to me, a novice looked grim since in hindsight we remembered 5 years earlier that she had asymptomatic leg fractures. We thought nothing of it at the time so we missed out on treating her years sooner. We found a comprehensive cancer center (the only one in our state) and began treatment with one of several MM specialists. Did your sister see one or more MM specialists who participated in her diagnosis? I've also been told that a second opinion is also imperative since MM is so complex. What was their assessment based on if you don't mind me asking? Take care and share anything more you care to but maybe another opinion will help. The word hospice is very scary at first. They mentioned it to my wife and I as a choice and explained it wasn't always an end of life choice, so there may be more hope, but without one or more expert opinions I wouldn't stop asking questions. Thinking of you and your sister. Sincerely!

Wed, Mar 18 8:02pm · COVID-19 Advice for Caregivers from the Centers for Disease Control in Caregivers

@coloradogirl, thanks for your insight. I have worked at both large corporations and small companies and without a doubt unfairness and favoritism are alive and well in both/all business environments. I would have to say it's generally seems worse in a smaller company because it's so much harder to hide.
After careful consideration of your comments i'm nearly certain that my immediate issue is the toxic director I work for. Our owners like him but he is anything but professional and doesn't know how to treat employees with respect. Uses the boss card a lot and is probably the biggest time theft person in the company. He even runs a separate personal business on company time. But, they are not willing to check him at any turn.
I did get some good news late yesterday that due to the virus, they had to let most of our professionals work from home, at least for this week which further proves my point about it was always an arbitrary decision on my directors part to disallow my request for more home work until the flood gates opened. It was great today to be home with my wife as she has been having much pain as I described earlier. I'm being as compliant as I can to prolong this situation although I wish it didn't happen as the result of a serious pandemic negatively affecting so many people.

Wed, Mar 18 5:21pm · Mobility during multiple myeloma treatment in Blood Cancers & Disorders

We see the doctor monthly so I entered my thoughts about potential treatment alterations into their patient / doctor portal. No response yet although I am also planning to call her drs nurse. She can usually get us quicker responses to specific questions. All we know currently is my wife is too weak now, at the end of her 4th cycle to do SCT and they have already scheduled a 5th chemo cycle. Disappointing for sure but I know my wife too well and that 5th cycle is a driver for her to do as much as possible to regain her strength. I just don't know what to expect concerning how long it may take to regain enough strength. All treatments have been the same except if her labs indicate elevated stressors in liver or kidney function, etc they may give less of or remove something from her standard scheme on a weekly basis. I would assume most drs would do this but have no other reference points. Ironically, she's tolerated the drugs pretty well. No nausea or diarrhea. Her appetite is also improving. It's the other things like developing shingles, and sores on both ends of her body that have been hardest to overcome. Thanks for your response.

Tue, Mar 17 12:28pm · COVID-19 Advice for Caregivers from the Centers for Disease Control in Caregivers

I am following @lioness recommendation and thanks for you acknowledging too. I have worked here for enough years (7) that they know how dedicated and productive I've been. They certainly know that my insurance is paramount right now. In some ways the FMLA has muddied the waters. At this point it's not working out as favorably as I'd like but I need to research it a little more before I make any changes in my status. Thanks again for your comments. They are very helpful.