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Jul 25, 2011 · Looking for Others with Brain Tumors in Brain Tumor

My neurologist is Dr. Fred Cutrer – he specializes in headaches. He is very wonderful. I am glad to hear you have been going there as well. It is an incredible place and I really do feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to go there.

Jul 16, 2011 · Looking for Others with Brain Tumors in Brain Tumor

Yes, I have a rare benign brain tumor – a trigeminal schwannoma. Though it is not cancerous as it does not eat through good tissues/structures; it is completely filling up spaces that are supposed to be empty – Meckel’s Cave, for ex. so that it can’t get any bigger without causing worse trouble. I had gamma knife stereotactic radiosurgery (concentrated radiation) at Mayo in July 2008. Good news – so far no further growth! 2nd opinion at Johns Hopkins, MD; neurosurgeon & radiation oncologist concurred with Mayo doctors. I am working with Mayo neurologist to comat constant pain/headaches. Very grateful to have been able to work with best in the world and hope to have possible involution (collapsing in on itself) in not too distant future. Good luck with your situation. If you can , go to the Mayo in MN.