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Sat, Apr 18 6:37pm · undiagnosed movement disorder in Brain & Nervous System

Hi all, I hope you're staying as healthy and well as possible during this unprecedented time. I haven't updated in awhile and so thought I would share an update. I continue to work with my current neurologist to discover what may be causing my movement symptoms as well as foot spasticity. He had recommended a controlled increase of both baclofen and gabapentin to help relieve my symptoms. The pain and spams have continued to increase in my feet. I also have daily episodes that appear similar to partial seizures but are not epileptic seizures. He has recommended a brain mri(which are not being offered at this time) and further blood work to evaluate possible metabolic or autoimmune causes. I hope you all are doing well! Please share any thoughts and updates!

Thu, Mar 5 3:24pm · Paresthesia, abnormal sensations in Neuropathy


My view on marijuana is that there are now numerous scientific studies (done by the NIH and others) investigating the effectiveness and safety of medical marijuana in a variety of diseases and conditions including neurological disorders. There is no reason to view it differently than other methods of treating illness.


Mon, Mar 2 8:27am · Paresthesia, abnormal sensations in Neuropathy

Has anyone tried acupuncture? @helennicola @grammlyn @lorirenee1

Mon, Mar 2 8:18am · Paresthesia, abnormal sensations in Neuropathy

I never realized how critical feet health is to general health until the symptoms in my feet started getting worse. My legs have really lost a lot of strength. The PT suggested that I see a foot surgeon to consider surgery to release the spasticity in my toes. It seems a scary proposition…

Mon, Mar 2 8:14am · Paresthesia, abnormal sensations in Neuropathy

Is the gabapentin meant to treat your pain? I actually started it for quite severe twitching in my legs at night, but I've found that it helps to relieve some of the spasticity in my feet and the strange sensations in my legs. I do not take it during the day. Just a dose at night. It however is not a cure all…

Sun, Mar 1 10:17am · Paresthesia, abnormal sensations in Neuropathy

What are the symptoms of small fiber neuropathy? Is it usually localized?

Sat, Feb 29 7:50pm · Paresthesia, abnormal sensations in Neuropathy

Thanks John. I've read a bit about neuropathy. My recent emg was negative so it's difficult to treat my symptoms when they can't isolate a cause. I'm trying different avenues of treatment as well as possible causes.

Sat, Feb 29 7:47pm · Paresthesia, abnormal sensations in Neuropathy

Interesting…pt yesterday used low light laser on my lower legs/ ankles. I'll let you know if it helps!