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Dec 28, 2019 · Chronic migraine relief suggestions in Chronic Pain

So sorry you are suffering. Hypnosis is a powerful natural intervention for chronic pain. Best to get ok from your doc. Hypnosis is not the be all, end all "cure" but it, along with other alternative interventions is underused and undervalued. Hypnosis for pain involves helping us change how we "process" pain. I wish you healing and relief. Jan

Wed, Jan 29 12:34pm · Complex regional pain syndrome or reflex sympathetic dystrophy in Chronic Pain

Fascinating! Hypnosis is a way to re-process how we experience pain. It is a powerful intervention. I use some of what another hypnotist uses. A process of giving the "pain" ( I prefer discomfort) a number ; then hypnotically a color and shape. Then back and forth imagine color is lighter; shape is softening and discomfort is decreasing. Then color is fading; shape is much softer; discomfort is fading…back and forth. Re-processing pain… works. Best, Jan

Sun, Feb 9 4:53am · Any experience with DRG stimulator for pudendal neuralgia? in Chronic Pain

So very sorry for what you are experiencing. (I'm a psych RN and Hypnotist) I know how this affects your very existence..My mom had SI ( sacroiliac) joint pain….so severe that she couldn't lie or sit for 4 months without severe neuro pain. It was also hell to watch. We did ice/ heat/ aromatherapy/ creams/ pain med..Hypnosis helped distract her. ( she also has very good coping) what worked was seeing Eric Helm, a pain med doc in pittaburgh area. Initial injections diagnostic to determine if RFA ( rhizotomy) would help and there was relief. She then had rhizotomy and pain is gone. It burns nerves and I read that can be done for PN. She can have it done again. Read about your condition and tx in Ainsworth Pain Institue New York. My heart goes out to you…you will find relief. I know that anxiety/ depression/ anticipation of pain exacerbates pain. Hypnosis can help us "re-process" the pain. Maybe displace it somewhere (hypnotically) where we can manage it better…I create hypnosis audios and can do a pain audio

Sun, Feb 9 5:09am · Side effects and benefits of Gabapentin in Chronic Pain

Wow…succinct, passionate with a lot of truth. I'm a psych RN and Hypnotist. Be careful about your put down of alternative treatments. They deserve to be a choice for clients/ patients. Hypnosis is a way to "re-process" how we experience pain and can be very powerful ( as our minds are powerful) it is not a be all, end all cure but can help. As a nurse who worked with many clients with pain, I never pre-judged that they were drug seeking addicts. But I know people with chronic pain are often mistreated. Thank you for your strong post. My best friend, my mom, has experienced a great deal of pain. It has been a journey to find relief for her. She uses hypnosis as well. ( I am about to create general hypnosis audios for pain mgmt) we all know we'd take a "placebo" every day if it helps. Also, addressing anxiety/ grief/ anticipation of pain/ anger/ stressors etc can help with the actual pain. Best, Jan

Sun, Feb 9 5:22am · Side effects and benefits of Gabapentin in Chronic Pain

Excellent. We all need an advocate ( relative, friend, nurse we trust) to be there for medical appt. Some docs are poor w pain mgmt ( no doc should continue w med that is not working / causing awful sid effects) and some don't listen. Review your docs. I'm a nurse and hypnotist ( Hypnosis can help w chronic pain) and I'm with my mom for her appts etc. I'm her best buddy and her advocate..Peace…..

Sat, Feb 8 6:28am · Chronic abdominal pain after cystectomy and or inguinal hernia repair in Chronic Pain

So sorry. You have really been through it. Hypnosis is not magic, not the cure all..but can be a powerful treatment for pain. helps the mind "re-process" pain. Good luck in your healing. Jan

Tue, Jan 7 5:51am · Hypnosis in Chronic Pain

Hypnosis is an underused, undervalued and misunderstood intervention for pain. It can be a powerful help for chronic pain. It is about helping the mind “re-process” pain. It is not the be all, end all cure for pain. ( I’m a nurse w 35 yrs exp and know the failing of meds, procedures etc) It’s time for us to be holistic about pain. To at least make available alternative treatments. I’m a good hypnotist. Unfortunately hypnosis is not covered by insurance ( correct me if I’m wrong) I won’t solicit on here…but please consider other interventions and place them in your “toolbox” of wellness.