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Sat, Feb 1 7:44pm · Hashimoto's and B6 toxicity in Autoimmune Diseases

I have autoimmune thyroid issues and vitamin B issues also, have you had your homocysteine checked. My b6 was high normal without supplements, but I'm actually deficient B6 B3, I did try supplementing just very small amounts wrong I did have a niacin flush now my liver enzymes are up a little but since stopped. My doctor did have me do a genvoa nateval test so I could get the whole picture. I'm wondering dose B6 toxicity cause liver enzymes to go up.

Thu, Jan 30 7:13pm · Weak, Sick, & Scared in Autoimmune Diseases

It isn't easy being undiagnosed hopfully you will get your answer soon. I have autoimmune thyroid issues mine has messed with my eyes some what I had a mild case of graves eye diease, I still get the head aches blurry vison but in remission for now. Hopefully the endocrinologist will check all the endo issues to rule things out.

Dec 27, 2019 · Question on ANA and dsDNA in Autoimmune Diseases

Ethan M, I have raynauds and some of the crazy symptoms like heat intolerance had brain fog sore mouth. I recently had a genvoa nateval test, all my vitamin Bs are low and deficient B6 B3 alpha lipoic acid low glutathione, I'm wondering have you had at least your B12 Folic and homocysteine checked. I have active mthfr I do not process folic acid right to much is toxic to me. It's just something you may want to look at.

Dec 17, 2019 · Autoimmune Encephalitis/ Autoimmune Dementia in Autoimmune Diseases

I hope you can find some anwers for your son. I do understand what thyroid issues can do, but it's goes way past a thyroid issue most doctors don't even look at. I'm in remission with graves diease, but I'm still working on my issues, I did find a functional D.O/holistic doctor that took my insurance, test that's helped me was a 24 hour salvia cortisol test, wondering have they checked him for Addison because you said he did better on steroids, then she had me do a genvoa nateval test this is a good test to show imbalances in your system and I did my own DNA and upload it to genetic genie, promethease but there are other you can use, this helped give me a clue to even where to start looking. Sometimes they think just remove the thyroid issue solved.

Dec 8, 2019 · Sick daughter goes undiagnosed in Just Want to Talk

I do understand, I was sick for many year's being underweight and fibromyalgia pain kicked in, most doctors thought I was a drug addict and refused to help me. I'm going to see one of my primary doctors soon loaded with test results and my DNA, its a little hell I went through but overall I'm doing better.

Dec 1, 2019 · Sick daughter goes undiagnosed in Just Want to Talk

If her thyroid is showing slightly over active hopefully they will check for thyroid antibodies TSI TPO. Look at stop the thyroid madness online they talk about hormones having an effect on the thyroid. I was missed diagnosed for years.

Nov 30, 2019 · Referral to Mayo declined for Autoimmune or Unknown Condition in Autoimmune Diseases

I joined this group to see if the mayo clinic could help me, by what I'm seeing the answers is probably not. On my own reserch I've ran across alot of information, when I see kidney stones fibromyalgia and your other symptoms I think high oxalate, not sure if this will help but look up Susan Owens trying low oxalate diet online plus she's got a ton of information in her files on this I do believe she use to be a resercher for NIH.

Nov 29, 2019 · Sick daughter goes undiagnosed in Just Want to Talk

I'm still trying to understand, but with my test results I see I'm high on citric acid I don't eat any citric acid or very little. This might be why my T4 is low, I feel I need a reserching at NIH to help me.