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Mon, Apr 13 8:02pm · Viruses & COVID-19 Explained in Layman's Terms in COVID-19

I have to disagree. There is no way to be prepared for new viruses that haven’t even occurred yet. But, all these amazing epidemiologists and scientists have deVeloped vaccines for multiple types of flu, measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, polio and more. I am so grateful to all of them – beyond words grateful. What is amazing to me is that humans are even alive with all the virus and bacteria out there Working to get us !!
I also recommend Dr. Peter Piots’ book “No Time to Lose”. It is an amazing story of a man who has devoted his life, as a brilliant epidemiologist, to fighting for human lives.

Sun, Jan 12 10:24am · Sigmoid colon resection: What to expect for recovery? in Colorectal Cancer

Oh gosh, congrats on finding treatable issues, and having them taken care of. My issues were different than yours, but here is my story. I had a radical hysterectomy along with radiation and chemo in 2001, due to uterine cancer. All good, but in 2017 I began having excruciating pains. It was found, with difficulty, that I had adhesions wrapped around the small colon, and I had a resection of about 7 to 8” Of the small intestine. Two years later, I am still dealing with diarrhea, sometimes gas pain that is overwhelming. But, I am ‘healthy’ and exercise, walk, and play tennis. I have to be able to ‘escape’ When in groups, due to gas. You will adjust – it is never ‘the same’, but you are alive!