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Thu, Dec 5 5:54am · Sharing your journey with others: family, friends, co-workers... in Fertility & Reproductive Health

So here’s one I could use some help with. I have never been one to use my circumstances as a crutch to not do my job. (I work construction). I recently received a bad review because I wasn’t my normal perky, energetic self. I’m not how to even respond. In the past year and a half I have had my son die in a terrible accident, have been through 3 rounds of retrieval, and now am going through the frozen transfer round. I’m not even sure how to help them understand what is going on and how hard I am trying to be the same person. They are all men. Anyone have any advice?

Sat, Nov 23 6:45am · Sharing your journey with others: family, friends, co-workers... in Fertility & Reproductive Health

We are only sharing with our parents. It so difficult to know what to share with people. If something goes wrong we don’t want to make people sad but I am not a person that can suffer my grief in quiet. I depend on my family to help me get through things. So I figure we tell the people that we would tell if something went wrong.

Sat, Nov 23 6:38am · Fertility & Reproductive Health: Meet others and share your story in Fertility & Reproductive Health

I am doing well. Lots going on. We leave for Flagstaff, Az on Monday after my blood test(fingers crossed). When we get back I have an appointment for acupuncture at the healthy living center. I’ve heard it can help with infertility so I figure why not try it? I started the Lupron shots and so far I’m feeling pretty good. I got laid off last week so that kind of works out for things. I’m an electrician so getting laid off is a normal part of my job. December 18 is coming quickly. I’m excited and nervous for the transfer. Praying for good results. I hope everyone has a great holidays.

Wed, Nov 20 7:08am · Can Joy and Grief Live Together? in Loss & Grief

@Ishell I am so sorry for your loss. I am so glad you have so many memories to love.

Sun, Nov 17 6:20am · Can Joy and Grief Live Together? in Loss & Grief

We always said that we will never get over the loss of our son but we will get through it. I am thinking of you and praying for you. I remember that first week all too well. It was so painful and I was in such a fog.

Tue, Nov 12 4:45am · Loss and Grief: How are you doing? in Loss & Grief

Thank you all for the wonderful support. I am so glad I saw this group. I needed a lift right now and God sent me you guys. Henry was a wonderful little boy and I will continue to honor his memory. Thank you so much.

Mon, Nov 11 5:06am · Loss and Grief: How are you doing? in Loss & Grief

I just saw this post on connect. My name is Sarah. My son was killed in a tragic accident August 13, 2018. He was 4 years old. It has been the worst thing I have ever had to deal with. Some days I am not sure how to even handle the pain. I am learning that the pain never really lifts or lessens. I just have to learn to carry it with me. Some days I feel like I’m doing pretty good and then BAM. I feel like it’s week one again. That pain near my heart is always there and the tears are always just below the surface. I was never a crier before. I’m a very positive person. ( Always looking for the bright side of things.) I am not seeing the bright side of losing my son. I miss him so much. It feels good to talk about him and how silly and bright he was. And to remember him. Thank you for having this outlet on here.

Mon, Nov 11 4:55am · Advocating for yourself in Fertility & Reproductive Health

Wow. So many strong women in this group. @loren12 my heart breaks for you. It is so frustrating when doctors don’t listen to you when you know something is wrong. Going against the norm for women and learning to speak up for yourself is so difficult.