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Nov 8, 2019 · No answers yet. Inflammed, bloated and abdominal pain in Autoimmune Diseases

My symptoms seem to be improving a bit for now. But I must watch closely what I eat and how much I eat at one time. I do best by eating snacks several times a day rather meals. I am unsure what is from my hiatal hernia and what symptoms are from the mesenteric panniculitis. I will do fine then have a difficult day that I must stay near the bathroom. Ss I understand, the mesenteric panniculitis refers to the stage II phase of the condition
I have concerns as to appropriate care of the condition. My doctors were puzzled, then when the hiatal hernia was found all efforts switched to it. Finally, the enterologist seemed done with me once the hiatal hernia was stabilized. The oncologist took the role of monitoring the condition. The only treatment I received is the follow up, CT scan, and a dietician having me take probiotic, fiber, digestive, and hepatic enzymes. Nothing to address the inflammation. I am unsure whether to wait to see if at some point flares up and worsens the seek further treatment? I felt that the enterologist quit the process.
Darlene Magnabosco

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Nov 7, 2019 · No answers yet. Inflammed, bloated and abdominal pain in Autoimmune Diseases

Hi Everyone,
I am writing hoping initially share what has happened through my journey with this new diagnosis since March, 2019. It all started with a few months of bloating, abdomen pain, loss of appetite, and irregular bowel movements. Then in March, a few days of abdomen pain, and eventually, a trip to ER with vomiting, and more intense abdomen pain. I had complained about a lot of bloating to my doctors who seemed indifferent to my complaints until it took me to ER with more dramatic symptoms. Tests were done including a CT scan. It showed that I had mesenteric panniculitis, a rare autoimmune disease with the mesentery inflamed forming a ring formation that appears on the CT scan. My family doctor referred me to many doctors, diuretic for fluid/abdomen.
I was seen by a colon doctor, he suggested seeing a gastroenterologist who found via endoscope a small hiatal hernia , inflamed stomach, lower esophagus and treated via meds for this condition. Did nothing for the abdomen discomfort that happened every time I ate. Once he treated the hiatal hernia, he referred me to an oncologist. The oncologist suggest he would follow me up with another CT scan in 6 months to make sure this is not lymphoma or developing into it. October, I had the follow up scan and the condition showed some improvement. So, he has scheduled another scan in 8 months to check for changes. The only treatment for the abdomen inflammation that has been done, is my family doctor referred me to a dietician who has put me on probiotics, calcium tablets, stomach and hepatic enzyme tablets, and a fiber powder. At each doctor’s visit, each doctor seemed puzzled by the condition, unsure what to address as to treatment. I am unsure what to do. Wait and see what happens? I do not even know what specialist to go to that knows what to do.