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Dec 30, 2019 · Meditation for anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

My current yoga classes offer no Eastern Philosophy. There are many choices for all levels–Gentle stretching, core-strength, restorative yoga. All classes encourage modifying each exercise based on ability and preference. I do plan on attending a class on meditation at a Buddhist center which I imagine will have a focus on Buddhist philosophy. While all of my current classes include a period for meditation, the time allowed for this is short. It has taken me several years to achieve the ability to sustain the relaxation response in meditation and I hope to bee able to bring more of this into my daily life to help with coping with the drugs I need to take since my liver transplant. I am approaching this with an open mind.

Dec 28, 2019 · Meditation for anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

A small yoga studio near me offers a restorative yoga session one night a week. The poses are all gentle focused on breathing and gentle stretching. Most of the poses were on the floor and very relaxing, all leading toward meditation.

Dec 24, 2019 · Best antidepressants for anxiety? And about to begin a benzo taper in Depression & Anxiety

I really never took any anxiety medication for any length of time. I took three anti-depressant drugs suggested by several different doctors when I discussed anxiety issues. I maybe took four Welbutrin tablets and it made me physically uncomfortable. Extremely. The buspar and Lexapro were ultra extreme reactions after only one pill. Drugs effect everyone differently. This whole class of drugs is now listed in my medical record as an allergy because of the extreme reaction I had. All drugs seem to have a side effect, and we each have to weigh benefit and risk. The goal is to have the best quality of life possible. I know meds can be helpful. Anxiety is not an easy thing to live with.
Best wishes.

Dec 24, 2019 · What is your anxiety like? in Depression & Anxiety

Nancy, I read a book titled, "What you Can and Cannot Change," several years ago that began changes in me that helped anxiety greatly. I don't believe that there is any one magic thing to do, but this was a starting place for me. The author refereed to reprogramming the radio in your head. I began to notice how my thoughts looped on negative and sometimes angry things. Things I felt helpless to change. I would ride to work every day in dread. The man I worked for was a bully, a racist, and a bigot. He gossiped and criticized everybody and everything. I felt trapped. I had a mortgage and child support and was afraid to quit. I was also separated from my son due to divorce and my ex had taken him seven hours away. I began to work on the radio in my head, replacing the dread and negative thoughts with things to look forward to in a day. Small goals that I built into a routine. Sounds similar to what you have described. I would look forward to a walk after work. I focused on regular practice of my banjo. A TV program. I read to my son everyday into a tape recorder and sent him the tapes weekly. Friends for dinner. It has been more than a twenty year process, but my life is now more joyful than anxious. It has been built in small steps that have changed my thoughts from dwelling in the negative to the positive. Yoga and meditation in the past two years have added a whole new dimension to living in a peaceful state of mind.

In recent years I have faced end stage liver disease that developed into cancer last year. I decided that if my time was to be limited, I would live every day I had left in joy. Facing the end of life brought a whole new perspective. But the truth is, no matter our health, each moment of life is a gift. Each moment we draw breath is one of hope. In August I received the miracle of a new liver and a chance to watch my grandchildren grow up. A trite as it sounds, counting my blessings each day brings me joy, in spite of the hard and scary parts of life. Anxiety wanders in unbidden at times, but gratitude for the gifts I do have is my safe place. It is a constant struggle. Thanks for sharing your story.

Dec 24, 2019 · Meditation for anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

Yes, I started yoga classes a couple of years ago and noticed that after a month or two I was relaxed and calm more often than anxious. It was like discovering a new normal that had never existed before. The added benefit was the strength, balance and flexibility I gained. Carpel tunnel improved 90 percent, and the arthritis in my knees has steadily improved. I had a liver transplant in August and was not able to continue with yoga during recovery. Transplant drug side effects and recovery issues brought a new level of anxiety that I have been working through. Now at four months post transplant, I am back to yoga and interested in becoming more focused on meditation. I believe it is a very powerful healing technique. The best thing is there are no bad side effects.

Dec 24, 2019 · Best antidepressants for anxiety? And about to begin a benzo taper in Depression & Anxiety

I have had several drugs prescribed for anxiety over the years. I have taken exactly one pill of each, and had an awful side effect. The Buspar I tried caused an incident of uncontrolled rage. Fortunately I was alone at the time. With Lexipro, one pill caused horrible, bloody hallucinations and I did not sleep for four days. My cognitive function was pretty bad for a week. Welbutrin caused increased anxiety, as do antihistamines. I have two friends who had similar issues with anti anxiety meds–either vivid hallucinations or extreme personality changes including paranoia and anger. Drugs seem to cause more problems than they solve.

Dec 18, 2019 · Dry mouth: Any ideas on how to help? in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

I had this problem prior to transplant surgery, but now with all of the medications it is worse. It is a small thing, but it helps–I noticed that I had a tendency to breath with my mouth open, so I have made an effort to train myself to breath through my nose. Since I still get dry at night, I keep water at my bedside.

Dec 14, 2019 · Liver transplant support group in Transplants

Traffic was a breeze until the I-93 junction, but only held us back by about 10 minutes. So I was about a half hour early, which is good. I always have my Lahey survival kit–my backpack stocked with notebook and my list of questions, tablet, charger and lunch. All was well with the kidney doctor. He took my blood pressure manually, rather than one of the automatic machines like I use at home and said my blood pressure was normal. So my home BP machine is most likely inaccurate. Yeah–so no additional BP medicine. My kidneys numbers were good–potassium slightly high, so I had a brief consult with the nutritionist. My surgeon told my my liver is doing great and I don't need to come back for two months. She even told me I looked younger. I love her sense of humor. At four months I think I am finally becoming myself again, feeling a great sense of energy and optimism. There is still work ahead to build physical strength, but that is the easy part compared to the stress of the first weeks and months of recovery. I can't wait for the six month mark when I ill get rid of one or two drugs.

I heard another patient who left Lahey for MGH say they didn't feel like a good fit with a certain doctor. I will say I saw her (if it's who I think) for several years before transplant and attribute my survival to her. She encouraged me to lose weight and always spent the time to answer all of my questions. I think the diet and exercise she encouraged helped me through the surgery and recovery. My cancer was detected and treated in the very early stages, thanks to her care. But I did have doctors over the years of surviving liver disease that were not a good fit, and had to leave behind. Trust in our relationships with our care providers is so important to our outlook. I always hear great feedback about MGH. I have several friends who are transplant patients there.

Valcyte is an anti-viral medication. I need it because my donor liver is CMV (Cytomegalovirus) positive and I am CMV negative. So I face the possibility of infection with this virus at some point. Best wishes, Bill