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Sun, May 3 10:02am · Depression: What medication can I try after so many years? in Depression & Anxiety

My prayers go out for you. Hang in there.

Tue, Apr 7 8:21am · My CSW Tinnitus Cure Discovery! in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

So to sum this up, this is about my 3rd or 4th post. 70 yrs old but still pretty active. Briefly, I had a ringing start a few years ago. I can't remember exactly when…went to my ENT doctor in NYC who has been practicing for about 45 years. Shook his head, checked me out, and said it's very common and believe it or not, there has never been a cure. Not sure when but it just went away. I'll guess a couple of months later. Even my personal physician, who knew my ENT, said the same before I visited my ENT. And I have even been to him since my first encounter just to check ears, nose, throat…I'm not sure if he asked me about the ringing anymore from his notes, but I didn't have it then. So now it's 2020, and about a month or so, guess what? It's back and is ringing as I write(softly now), but the latest is a hissing sound of air from a leak in a tire, or an old steam radiator letting off steam. Last night watching TV was the worst, and still when I fell asleep. I feel I sleep pretty well, few wake-ups, groggy in a.m. WHY NOW? NO ONE KNOWS? Yes, I take meds but I have been taking them for years (that cause has been mentioned). Sorry for the theory(and it could be true for some)…So I'm trying to catch up on this
problem(as it has appeared again), and my head is spinning from all the stories/theories, cures etc.! And I know if I go see my ENT, he'll smile, check me out and he'll have the same answer! BTW, my daughter is a nurse practitioner. "Sorry, Dad is her answer!" Bottom line: at this stage in medicine in 2020,
that we have gotten nowhere boggles my mind. Prayer has been my only answer…..I wish everyone the best, stay well and inside during this crisis and never give up praying for answers to all our problems we are encountering worldwide. Thx for listening(longer than I wanted!) Joe B

Mon, Apr 6 7:44am · Saliva and dry mouth in Head & Neck Cancer

Also, I just read your brief bio, but God bless you and I'm happy to see all has worked and you're enjoying yourself!!! May The Lord kep on shining on you! Have a good day. Joe

Mon, Apr 6 7:38am · Saliva and dry mouth in Head & Neck Cancer

Thank you. I'll look it up. Did he ever find out why he had the excess saliva production? You see, this all started and I had been on certain meds for quite a while without this occurring. Stay safe(at home!)

Mon, Apr 6 7:35am · Saliva and dry mouth in Head & Neck Cancer

Well, given what the world, and here in NYC metro area, has been going through, I really have not thought about it much and it seems like an off and on situation. My Physician at NYU had never experienced what I explained, wanted me to see my Dentist. I got teeth cleaned…he checked everything out and said he honestly had never experienced it either! It started about 5 months ago, and there was no change in the meds I was taking. Very dry mouth. Got Biotene lozenges and helped but not long. I still take a few. But the mystery seemed to be this overproduction(not huge), but noticeable to me! They both concluded while it's annoying, they couldn't see anything serious! I wish there was a saliva gland doctor that I wouldn't mind seeing when this isolation period and this disastrous situation is
over. The World will certainly come out of this a changed place…good or bad, we'll see(I say good!:). Thx for checking in. If any thoughts arise, or some oral, gland specialist appears, maybe I can get an answer! Stay safe

Thu, Mar 5 5:47am · Saliva and dry mouth in Head & Neck Cancer

Sorry to hear your outcome. I have never had cancer or treatment of serious sort. Just take my medications. But something is off with my salivary
glands! Probably in the wrong forum! Thanks and God Bless.

Wed, Mar 4 3:48pm · Saliva and dry mouth in Head & Neck Cancer

Not sure I am in the right discussion, but as of a few months ago, my mouth has continuously seemed way too dry! Then after the process began, it seems like it goes both ways! I seem to produce too much saliva now and the taste is somewhat funny. That said I have researched a bit and found that certain medications can dryness, but does not mention creating too much salvia! I know I take take a couple of them and told my Dr. He dismissed it because of the meds. The overactive gland(?) produces more saliva 80% of the time, while 20% of the time it is the dryness. Nothing hurts but it is obviously annoying. Also, NONE of the meds are new to my system. I had been taking them way before this started!! So no changes in that category. I am in good health etc. and no operations or serious conditions in the past. Very weird. Any thoughts?? Thanks