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3 hours ago · Neuropathy: Numbness only, no pain in Neuropathy

Hi, @testudo, While I didn't need weight loss, in fact the opposite, I congratulate you on yours and applaud your efforts in following your diabetic diet and exercise. Diagnosed a yr ago with prediabetes, I was able to get A1c back in the normal range with diet and exercise. However, I've been taking "atvorastatin (for cholesterol) is another culprit for PN" for several years but not warned against it. Can you site a source with more info on this or was it something your doc cautioned you about? Thanks for the alert.

3 hours ago · Are you taking Reclast for osteoporosis? in Bones, Joints & Muscles

@julie2020, Forteo was also excellent with no side effects. At the time, it was only allowed for 2 years.

4 hours ago · What's your experience with dialysis? Give & get support here in Kidney & Bladder

@bustrbrwn, Jen, I appreciated your post and how your pharmacist reassured you. I just believe strongly that no one should suffer pain of any kind if there are legal ways to alleviate it. Please be grateful that there are meds that can sometimes relieve the pain. No one feels badly about the need for blood pressure meds or others; we're just thankful that they can help. We are responsible to ourselves and others to do the best we can to maintain our health the best we know. Nothing shameful about that; in fact, to me it is the most responsible action we can take.

However, I can relate to a feeling of shame I experienced years ago now when I made an appointment to apply for a gov't sponsored college loan for my daughter. Education was very important in my family and the fact that as a single mom and school teacher, I didn't have the funds necessary to send my daughter to college without the help of loans made me feel very ashamed that I hadn't been able to save more toward that. The act of applying in person for that loan brought me to tears. Fortunately, the loan counselor was very kind. I still remember how I celebrated the day I sent in the last pmt for that loan; my daughter graduated as a result of that aid.

It took me many years to grow beyond wanting everyone's approval for whatever decisions I made. Finally decided it was no one else's business what an individual does to create a happier more successful life. Others don't live in our shoes and have no right to judge. If they judge, it is their bad and not our concern. I am so happy to have prescriptions that daily make my life much easier and healthier. Best to you.

4 hours ago · What's your experience with dialysis? Give & get support here in Kidney & Bladder

@bustrbrwn22 , Think I was the poster who mentioned Death with Dignity. Now 8 states allow this (link to site below) and Washington state gives this information: https://www.insidermonkey.com/blog/8-states-that-allow-euthanasia-833289/ From state of Washington: ".. "in 2008, the voters approved the Death with Dignity Act, which allowed a terminally ill person with less than 6 months to live to self administer lethal doses which were prescribed by a physician."

1 day ago · What's your experience with dialysis? Give & get support here in Kidney & Bladder

@kamama94, Knew about the ginger ale but not the compazine tips for nausea. Ahem, a guy I dated long ago suggested a bit of bourbon and coke to settle an upset stomach…it did seem to help the occasional upset. Alas, I later learned he imbibed too frequently of the spirits whether stomach problems or not….bye, bye! Smiles

1 day ago · Let’s Go Walking! Join me for a virtual walking support group in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

Great to have cooler mornings now for walks. Starting later today and was happy to speak to not one but three! others who were walking their dogs this morning.
Just exchanging greetings and seeing their 4 leggers in the lead was a lift to the morning. And yesterday, I got to see a few t.v. clips of my fondly remembered time in Duluth and MN. So happy to see Lake Superior even if from a great distance!

1 day ago · My Grandmother is now on hospice. in Caregivers

@djangomay, Thank you for your wonderful caregiving of your wife with her progressing Alzheimers and also for your many efforts to seek out options to help both her and you. Every primary caregiver needs some respite from the 24/7 task. Applause to you for continuing to find other options for her as her illness progressed and capabilities decreased.

This had me nodding my head vigorously in agreement: "When I was faced with finding the best care options for Christine, I scoured all the local resources online and in person. I went to the county Center for Aging and discovered that I probably knew more about the resources available than the adviser who met with me. I also discovered that the Center for Aging was expert in finding appropriate solutions for families with few resources who were eligible for Medicaid. If you were neither rich nor poor like our family, you were pretty much on your own." This was so true for me and probably millions of other caregivers as well.

With the numbers of aging Americans increasing rapidly, the need for more help and resources is more important than ever. Yet, as you write: "We had to learn pretty much everything the hard way –on our own." The stress and strain of daily caregiving can take a woeful toll on the caregiver.

As @IndianaScott shared: " I also gave up trying to get things perfect and 'good enough' became my mantra as I juggled all the demands of caregiving, work, cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc."

@jlm1980, My wish for you as you lovingly take on the daily care of your beloved grandmother is that you will make it a priority to take some time out for respite care of yourself. Sending you best wishes as you and your grandmother begin this new journey together.

1 day ago · Are you taking Reclast for osteoporosis? in Bones, Joints & Muscles

@becsbuddy, I was diagnosed with osteopenia and osteoporosis several, several yrs ago…taken Fosomax, Forteo, and others before starting Reclast three years ago. Absolutely No side effects for me. Also, because of stage 3 CKD diagnosis a yr ago, I checked with doc before last summer Reclast infusion…was ok to proceed. The very good news for me was that the 1st two yrs ff Reclast, my numbers improved! Last yr, values stayed constant…no drop nor improvement. Told the goal from the beginning with Reclast was to "maintain my bone density" …so glad, too, to see this post Because, while I've had the Dexa scan required each yr before infusion, I haven't yet heard from office for infusion date…(lag to hear approval from ins/medicare) Short term memory issues! ….a different issue for another day, yes??? vbg