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Sat, May 23 9:35am · ~ Depressed and scared, not making it financially ~ in Mental Health

Hi Abby, It's difficult to think of positive things when one is depressed and financial strapped. It's good that you share by posting here. For now it's a good thing that you've got a place to live although not ideal but until you can make change/move. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Thu, May 21 9:25am · Why Genetic Testing for Mental Health Meds is Important in Depression & Anxiety

Agree. Why isn't this used as a tool to help patients seek better options versus the hit n miss of medications?

Wed, May 20 10:10pm · Why Genetic Testing for Mental Health Meds is Important in Depression & Anxiety

Thank you for your intelligent post relating to your journey with genetic testing and how it has helped you. You give me hope and encouragement in pursuing this as an option. Thanks again for sharing.

Wed, May 20 9:52am · Irregular Period, Tender Breasts, Vaginal Spotting in Women's Health

I would check into information about uterine fibroids. When I had them it caused pain and bleeding. Can be diagnosed with ultra sound and/or laparoscopy with obgyn

Wed, May 20 9:46am · My stomach makes me look pregnant. in Women's Health

When I had fibroids I also experienced lots of bleeding. Have you had ultra sound or laparoscopy done to see if/where fibroids are?
Fatty liver disease runs in my family (non alcoholic type) which does cause one's stomach to bulge out but can also be dealt with proper diagnosis and change in diet. These are a couple of thoughts.

Wed, May 20 9:35am · Post Menopause and bleeding in Women's Health

I've had fibroid tumors which caused pain and bleeding issues, but once surgery was done body went back to normal. My doctors advised me that menopause is when one is not bleeding for a year then about 5 years after that (still no bleeding) one is classified as post menopausal. Hope this is helpful.

Wed, May 20 9:25am · problems after chlamydia in Women's Health

Wow! So much for you to deal with. A couple of thoughts with all these meds you've been on it's no wonder that you're still having issues. Could all or some meds causing an allergic reaction? Another thought have they checked for fibroid tumors. Have had both which can play havoc with one's system. Last thought, trying probiotics to get your system balanced. Pray you get better soon.

Wed, May 20 9:12am · I don't know, anxiety or something more? in Depression & Anxiety

Wasn't one with allergy as I live in dry climate of New Mexico, but that has changed. I now get sneezing, post nasal drip and this choking to point of gagging so much to point of vomiting. Here's a couple of things I did. First, went to see allergist but then went to ear, nose, throat specialist who determined that my throat was developing scar tissue from acid reflux. A procedure to done to open throat via a balloon. It was helpful in my swallowing and adjusted diet to avoid acid reflux. Hopefully some of this information is helpful. Good luck.