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Sun, Jul 19 1:08am · Mako Robotic Arm TKR Six Months in Joint Replacements

@jnoronha yes I think it is good to keep up with the exercises, stretching, and massaging even though we surely are all sick of it! I hope your knee continues to improve.

Sat, Jul 18 3:17pm · Mako Robotic Arm TKR Six Months in Joint Replacements

@ellerbracke sorry for the delay in responding. Now I am going on 8 months. I don't have the pain or soreness or ache that you mention, although there is still some numbness. It seems to be continually fading, so I have some hope that it will go away. The fact that there is still some numbness means the knee does not feel like the other one yet – it is not simply there, I am conscious of it. I can tell that even sitting here at the computer if I move my leg slightly. I think you might be right in saying that the pain comes from muscle compensation or simply the realignment of ligaments and breaking of connective tissue, which can cause various kinds of pain that moves around. Sometimes when I massage my knee, which I still do myself to help with the numbness, I feel a place that is more sensitive – meaning I didn't realize it before I massaged the tissue. I work on it and try to massage the areas around it, and then it usually goes away. I suspect the sensitivity is caused by ongoing healing. I also still do not feel comfortable kneeling on the surgery knee, although that also seems to be improving slight; not sure if I will ever really want to kneel on it. Overall I am happy with the results. Sounds to me like you are getting plenty of exercise and doing everything you need to do. I don't walk as much as you but when I do walk, it all seems fine.

Sun, Jun 7 1:20pm · Mako Robotic Arm TKR Six Months in Joint Replacements

@marbowl that sounds like a very good plan, let us know how it goes. I have heard that flexion and extension can improve over the first two years after surgery, so I'm sure yours will if you keep at it.

Thu, Jun 4 1:15pm · Mako Robotic Arm TKR Week Six in Joint Replacements

PS, i.e. not focus on strength building until down the line, when the bending/extension is in good shape. This doctor argued that walking in the early stages of recovery should not be the focus, since it does not help with bending/extension; what he means, I think, is to not imagine that you can substitute walking/activity for the bending/extension exercises. I still walked but for up to 4-5 months, my knee would swell if I walked too much.

Thu, Jun 4 1:13pm · Mako Robotic Arm TKR Week Six in Joint Replacements

@clbs I think I posted this in another thread, but during my search on all things TKR, I eventually came across the site of a doctor who believes that one should not focus on strength building, but push harder on bending in particular, and extension as well. He recommends thinking in terms of hours rather than minutes. That seemed extreme to me but I did push harder to hold a bend longer, push more at the margin, then release after 10 min or so and repeat. I think that improved my bending. Also, when PT told me that my leg was not completely straight when I walked on his magic testing treadmill that took video and tested how hard my legs hit the flat surface, I added more of this exercise: lay on stomach on bed with legs off bottom, attach a weight to surgery leg, try to relax and let the weight pull it down. Rest, repeat, etc. That did it for me. I will try to find the website on bending but I remember it was deep into my search. I think it is a matter of doing it three times a day for half an hour or more, very tedious…

Sat, May 30 5:22pm · 5 months post TKR: Stopped doing exercises and dealing with pain in Joint Replacements

@marbowl I also had swelling when I picked up the walking, so it is not surprising, considering how much you have to be on your feet. If there is any way during lunch or break to put your leg up and get some ice on the knee, that would also help. As @ellerbracke mentioned, I stopped being so serious about the specific knee exercises at around 5-6 months, but now I will have to pick it up again, especially the bending. I found a doctor's website, which of course I can't find again, in which he advised a much longer time on bending and extension–i.e. when you sit down to watch TV (if one has that luxury), bend the knee up and keep it there, pulled in hard and with pressure, for 30-60 minutes. I have never done that, but I have held it for 10 minutes, let it go, then do it again, and I think that helped me with gaining flexion. Best of luck!

Sat, May 30 3:23pm · Mako Robotic Arm TKR Six Months in Joint Replacements

Sorry those files are so huge – I shrunk them but obviously not enough!

Sat, May 30 3:22pm · Mako Robotic Arm TKR Six Months in Joint Replacements

I took a couple pics of the legs bending like that woman does – you can see there is still some distance to go for the surgery knee on the left. Once I see this in the shot, I think I had better keep at it. Also there is quite a strain getting the leg up there so I would not say it is natural and easy as is the non-surgery leg.