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Fri, Jan 17 3:54am · Sleep apnea and potential treatments in Sleep Health

Did you ever see the inspire Dr in NY

Fri, Jan 17 3:45am · Periodic Limb Movement Disorder in Sleep Health

Not sure about PLMD but I have a real battle with RLS. I'll be good for 8-10 days then it will keep me up all night. After going sleepless for about 38 hours RLS symptoms hard to control for next 2 days. Only thing that has ever given me any relief is methedone. I also use the nuepro but not sure it does anything. Biggest draw back with Meth is getting it is a major pain in the ass. Very few Dr will take Rx over for specialist. In my case that means traveling 4 hrs Rd trip to specialist once per month to pick up written Rx. Drs will not mail and my eye sight won't allow me to drive so it creates a real issue. Gava p did zero… Good luck but look into meth it may give you some relief.

Dec 10, 2019 · Sleep apnea and potential treatments in Sleep Health

Have you seen your inspire sleep Dr yet. If so, how did it go.

Nov 30, 2019 · Sleep apnea and potential treatments in Sleep Health

Good for you. You will be in my thoughts. Im am truely rooting for success. Good luck

Nov 29, 2019 · Sleep apnea and potential treatments in Sleep Health

My original Dr told me it would be very doubtful that this would work for me. Please excuse me WGA for being Debbie Downer but I have less then zero% confidence in the medical field any more. Severe sleep apnea is only one of my health issues and have received little to no help but lot's of excuses. But, I have learned without any doubt about it, If you don't check the boxes that they have pre determine must be checked your s.#,d. However, I must still be holding out some hope since I check in to forums like this periodically to see if there is any new news. I just thought of something while writing this. Over my life I have coached at many levels. Most disappointing experiences came from administrators that instead of working with me to get kids on the right track, they just Bale on them and fight you tooth and nail for no apparent reason other then it would take a lot of time and effort. But what they miss out on, even if it were to only happen once out of every hundred times, is the satisfaction that someone that chooses that career path should dream about happening. This is the same feeling I get from most drs. I've seen. If it's an easy fix there all in, but if it takes some time and effort don't count on there help. And just like the teachers/admin I mentioned before, the people they don't give a legitimate effort to help are the people they would get the most gratification helping. Sorry for rambling. Good luck, I hope you find the answers your looking for

Nov 28, 2019 · Sleep apnea and potential treatments in Sleep Health

I too have found it impossible to use a CPAP machine. I was diagnosed about 10yrs ago. I was successful for a couple months, and dropped a bunch of weight, but sleeping with it got harder every night till sleeping with it was impossible. I then tried again about 5 years ago with no improvement. This last year my family Dr sent me to a new sleep Dr(Choke Linton). Explained to me that he deals with people that have major problems using there CPAP machine and he has had fantastic results with patients returning to using there CPAP. I was re tested and found to have both obstructive and Central apnea. A new and different machine was ordered at the tune of 8000.00. When I went in for my consultation on use, and to pick up this new CPAP I was instructed on how to turn it on and off. No special instructions! I left without a CPAP machine. The sad fact, either you can use it or you can't, and personally I have not found anyone that can change that regardless of the smoke there blowing.

Oct 23, 2019 · Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) and Opioids in Sleep Health

Pain is not a consideration in my choice to take methadone for RLS. The best way for me to answer all of your questions in the most direct way is this.
1. Walking around all night because your arms and legs are jumping around like frog legs in a fry pan night after night after night "isn't an option ".
2. And, if consistent availability of the only treatment that has been found to work is not obtainable (or in this case the people that control it makes it so difficult to obtain while hoping you get so discussed you will finally just go way, freeing them from all involvement).
I hope you understand my point. People are not answering my question but showing me only potential down sides.I understand y'alls concerns and appreciate the fact that I got any responses, but the answers I've received will not make it any easier to get my methadone Rx filled and with that in mind I will continue looking for an alternate option. Thank you

Oct 22, 2019 · Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) and Opioids in Sleep Health

Methadone has been the only thing that has worked at all. I've had been treated using everything available before I tried methadone