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Sun, Oct 20 2:57pm · C. diff relapse? in Digestive Health

Can you tell me more about your experience? I have had Cdiff that went undiagnosed for 7 months. I am on my last day of 10 day dificid and but still have between 1-3 watery diarrhea episodes most days. But I can tell it’s definitely working, all my other symptoms are less also. Did you do retesting and did you still have diarrhea after your antibiotic treatment for the c diff? I’m worried I’m still contagious

Sat, Oct 19 10:43am · C. difficile -are your guts ever normal again ? in Digestive Health

I went undiagnosed for 7 months while trying to get my gp to take me seriously. She just kept trying different acid reducers. Even after the h. Pylori and Candida was caught on egd and colonoscopy the c diff wasn’t found until 2 weeks ago when I had my first ever stool test since my symptoms weren’t subsiding. I am currently on dificid but only have two days left and am still experiencing the pain in my side at full force along with less diarrhea and all my esophagus Candida symptoms. The gi says we can’t treat the lymphatic esophagus and the Candida until the diarrhea is gone.

Fri, Oct 18 11:56pm · C. difficile -are your guts ever normal again ? in Digestive Health

I know this is an old post but I am currently being treated for c diff 2 days left on dificid with persistent symptoms after going undiagnosed for 9 months. I also have Candida esophagitis. All of my issues started with the “stitch” in my left side. It’s right between my two lowest ribs and feels like stabbing and twisting of my insides. It was intermittent weekly for years before and is now daily at a level 7-9. Does this sound similar to your pain in your side and did it ever go away? Did you find anything to help it? TIA

Fri, Oct 18 5:06pm · Tight Band Around Ribs in Digestive Health

@jenniferhunter how many sessions would it usually take for you? I just had my first MFR session today for twisting sharp pin in my ribs that has been present off and on for years and constant for months.

Fri, Oct 18 3:11pm · C diff, H pylori and Candida esophagitis in Digestive Health

Hi there, I’m 36 and was diagnosed in August with h pylori and Candida by scopes. I was treated together for the Candida for 6 weeks w diflucan and the h pylori for two weeks w the doxy/Merton/omp/bis with my symptoms not subsiding. During a 2nd opinion they ran my 1st ever stool panel (I know now that I should have demanded this 8 months ago when my symptoms started) and found c diff. While the breath test for hpylori was negative I am still feeling all the same symptoms and am still losing weight down from 130 to 100. I am currently taking dificid and have only two days left on that Med but am still having watery diarrhea and also am incredibly weak w no appetite and the constant pain in my upper left abdomen. I know that the Candida is still there and will flare badly and cause nausea and vomiting. I have lymphocytic esophagitis which I was just told by a different dr is why my Candida won’t go away. My question is does anyone have experience with all this that could help with possible advice I am having a hard time finding things that are safe to eat for all three conditions. I am also scared since the symptoms are still present and I only have 2 days left, how long did watery diarrhea persist after dificd for anyone with experience? Also I am scared to treat the other conditions (steroids and more diflucan) which we can’t do until the Cdiff is gone but these may cause relapse. Thanks in advance