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Mon, Nov 4 4:35am · Spondylitis in Bones, Joints & Muscles

It does sound to good to be true. I never had a surgery but know quite a few Friends who went thru very similar surgeries & 1 of my best girlfriends had a laminectomy, & fusion & she was very athletic & also age 24when she had her surgeries. But I guess we are all different, & all I know is what I have seen & heard from my close friends who have all said & gone thru these type of surgeries almost all of them have bone spurs if not worse, most of them are always complaining about their backs hurting even worse since their surgeries. There are very few if any ppl who I have heard say their bodies are cured. Maybe the mind is stronger than the PAIN, for some people. But unfortunately it is usually not the case with most people who have undergone those types of surgeries.

If you feel great, that is amazing for you. But most chronic pain that stems from herniated disc's & spondylitis are not so simple & we all feel/perceive pain differently & so are our treatments. Even medications work differently for us all. It's not a 1 size fits all. I'm happy are feeling soo great as a result of your many walks from Inn to Inn & Bobsleds. Best Wishes to you & be happy.

Thu, Oct 17 4:59pm · Dealing with resentments in Depression & Anxiety

You can not bottle your emotions. In my experience since I got diagnosed w/Chronic Pain, I realized very fast that I couldn't hold in my anxiety & I got very depressed as a result & the more I kept holding my emotions in the worse my depression & anxiety got. I'm an outspoken person nowadays. Don't get me wrong I try very hard not to get overstressed, nut we are human beings & the more you want to hide those emotions nothing good comes out of it. I just scream my head off & my husband knows when to move away from me. It's normal to show emotions, & anger & resentment & joy, love, sadness is what makes us human. Chronic pain has changed everything in my life so I had to change my emotional expressions are my right as a human being in pain who is crying or happy or screaming is what makes me feel a little less stressed out & human.

Thu, Oct 17 4:24am · Has anyone used CBD oil for chronic pain? And do you have results? in Chronic Pain

I'm sorry I called wrong name, I see it's Rachel. I'm glad I inspired you. I hope more people learn the difference between medical cannabis CBD & THC are both very helpful in relief from pain. It is not the same as CBD from Hemp. Please do not buy it & waste your money on paint thinner basically. If u do decide to give it a go look it up under Medical Cannabis. It's made my life so much better. Sorry about capital latter's didn't know about that rule/I was not shouting I'm having trouble seeing tiny letters on my cell phn. Hopefully get laptop very soon. Goodnite, Mimi

Thu, Oct 17 3:30am · Gabapentin a controlled substance in Virginia. What do I do? in Neuropathy

I wanted you to know that Lyrica/pregablin is generic now. So if you tolerate It better I thought you might like to know.
I know how it is on a tight budget. I'm allergic to both medications & can not tolerate neither one of them, but my husband swears by it. He takes the generic now. Also you can call the manufacturer's of the medication & they send you forms to pay for it for you if you make less than certain incomes & not just for super low incomes. Hope this info helps.

Wed, Oct 16 8:38pm · Ankylosing Spondylitis + Osteoporosis in Autoimmune Diseases

Can she go see a Neurologist that sounds more like Sciatica or Nerve pain. I got My husband into seeing a Neurologist & they gave him generic Lyrica/pregablin for the nerve pain feet back legs etc. Maybe try a Neurologist 1st.

Wed, Oct 16 8:32pm · Has anyone used CBD oil for chronic pain? And do you have results? in Chronic Pain

Excuse me but that brand is kitchenware.

Wed, Oct 16 8:08pm · Has anyone used CBD oil for chronic pain? And do you have results? in Chronic Pain

Thank you Ginger for the welcome. I'm very glad to help any way I can. My world has changed so much since I have been on Medical Cannabis.