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11 hours ago · Had a 9 hour surgery on June 9th. in Spine Health

@jenniferhunter Wow. I just had to wish you well too. I hope your ankle is doing better & give urself time to heal. I know what it's like to have pins & metal rods inside our bodies. With me it's just above my right ankle cpl screws & a metal rod holding my bone together. 12yrs ago. Give urself plenty of time to heal properly. & when they say no more than 10bs. Stick to it. My 🐱 she slept w/me on the recliner each & every day & nite. Her soft purrs made me feel better. It's amazing how felines can help heal us. Have u tried using a chair to rest ur knee on it while using ur hands? I used to take kitchen chair & put big fat pillow on seat & rest my knee over it so I could clean my dishes & cook for myself. I didn't have anyone to help me. I did have a home health aid come 4x a week for 3mos. She was a blessing. If I didn't have help I don't know how I would have managed. & I used crutches & wobbled on a big plastic board w/handles dwn my 5flights of stairs. But i cried & no1 wud help me. Finally my HHA/she saved me & I felt btr. It makes you tougher & more aware of just how fragile our bodies are. I wish you & ur fur babies a speedy recovery. 🌷😻Mimi

16 hours ago · Had a 9 hour surgery on June 9th. in Spine Health

Dear @lilypaws you had 1 of the toughest surgeries that I know about. Anything to do with ur spine, nerves & disc's is no joke & believe me when I tell you my best Friend whom I cherish had very similar surgery but not w/Mayo Clinic. We r in NYC. Their hospitals are top notch too. I just want you to give yourself plenty of time to be pampered by your Husband & other family or Friend's. Can u get a home health aid to help for few mos. You may want to look into that. Also want to wish you a speedy recovery & know we are all here for you with support love & compassion. I know too well what torture comes from herniated disc's, & spinal stenosis, bulging discs & pinched nerves. I'm hopeful that you will be btr than b4. I have Osteoporosis/but take Calcium & Magnesium supplements they help w/bones & prevent spasms. I too get Flexeril 10mg 2x a day. But I try not to use them so much unless my spasms are doing a dance on my shoulder blade or neck areas. I wish you all the best & as long as you have a positive outlook on it as with everything else, this chapter in your life will pass & you will be that much better for it. Just do as directed. As far as weaning off Tramadol or Oxycodone, start with Tramadol 1st, & then wean off of Oxycodone. I myself was on Tramadol/gave me bad depression after I broke my knee the 1st time & was given Tramadol & it gave me such migraines that I got off it fast. & switched to another pain medication. Now my Friend & most chronic pain patients & a few of my Lyme Friends are taking Medical Cannabis for chronic severe pain. It works for me & there are other ppl here who can give you more details on that subject. I take in capsule & gummy' chews form. They have helped with Chronic pain issues including my Nerve pain & my Sciatica acts up very rarely now. I can not take Lyrica or Neurontin types of medications they make me sick/not good for certain ppl.
So you might want to look into that instead of taking pain meds. I wish you all the best & a great recovery. There is going to be better days ahead, just take your time. As I always say to my Friends be happy life is always changing & after it rains the sun must come back. Meaning so will you when you are ready. Best wishes. Mimi🌷

6 days ago · Living with arthritis: How do you stay active? in Bones, Joints & Muscles

@suz55 Hello to you, from NYC. I'm a 55yr old female who has been suffering with various arthritis issue's myself, amongst other types of back & knee issues. I see a Rheumatologist for arthritis pain. I have severe pain in my right hand & both knees, feet & spine & my hips r starting to click-clack & PT helps alot. Just moving more. I can barely wait for pool to open up so I can swim. It really helps my joints & helps tone & strengthen my muscles. I wish you well. Stay strong. I use a paper towel to exercise my hand & fingers on both hands. Just crumple it up & release with same hand. Do this daily it helps my hands from cramping & my fingers from getting stiff. I too suffer from debilitating chronic Fibromyalgia pain. I also see my Pain Mgmt Dr. But for Arthritis in my hands & feet I prefer my Rheumatologist. Stay strong.

6 days ago · Successful litigation for bad TKR surgeon and/or faulty device? in Joint Replacements

@johnbishop Good day to you. This information is so Interesting & eye opening as to how many faulty knee replacement mfg's had bad results & faulty mechanisms. I'm not ready to start my knee replacement surgery until I can wean of a medication that is causing alot of stress on my body/mind. I read abt all good & bad issue's pertaining to this issue. Thank you for this info.

Fri, Jun 19 12:08am · Severe Stenosis - Doc advises surgery in Spine Health

@babette Hi there I understand what Ablations for herniated disc's & spinal stenosis do. I have had a total of 4 Ablations in my Thoracic Spine, 2 in my lumbar area & I too have lumbar stenosis in my lwr back. As well as I have 5 herniated discs in my cervical spine. In my opinion having chronic pain as a result has not been easy on any if us. However the question u want to know about spinal stenosis about having Surgery is it a fusion he wants to give you or what type of Surgery? Has your Dr. Told u what type of procedure this would be & what is the percentage of outcomes for this types of surgeries? Look we all have different issue's concerning our spinal issue's but please do not be ready to jump into surgery just because 1pain mgmt Dr says so. Get a 2nd & if necessary 3rd & 4th opinions when any type of surgical procedure is in question. Over my past 15yrs of misery dealing w/severe chronic pain as a result of my poor broken dwn spine, I was told by 2 Dr's to have a spinal cord stimulator not 1 but 2 put in. & another 2 Dr's told me I need a lwr spinal fusion & for my cervical as well. Well guess what I said no to all of them. I found a great Dr in NYC part of NY Langone Hospital system & he advised me to get on Medical Cannabis for pain & physical therapy & guess what it helps. As a matter a fact he advised me against Surgery. I'm glad I listened to him. So b4 you are ready to make that decusion get at least 2-3 more Dr's. Opinion b4 u do any type of surgery. Because once it is done there is no going back. I wish u well & hope u figure out what ur going to do? Take ur time & be safe.

Sat, May 30 2:58pm · ~ copper knee supports ~ in Joint Replacements

@amberpep I too have tried copper infused supports for meniscus tears in both of my knees. I have fibromyalgia & a few other conditions that cause unbearable pain/swelling. I have been losing weight but not fast enough. Both of my knees get alot of swelling/edema in both knees. In my own opinion I have tried several types of different styles of knee braces but in my experience please do urself a huge favor avoid beliefs that everything you see on TV work's. I think your Pain mgmt Dr or orthopedic Dr. Or. Physical Therapist can best advise you as to what type of brace is suited best for your knees or other parts of the body. Always check w/your Dr. Before experimenting with these types of products. I bought the knee sleeve & got the pair of gloves without finger tips also copper infused. They get very hot on hands & knee & I did not find much releif from wearing them. But we are all different & some have other health issue's associated or not that in turn could get worse from wearing the wrong type of braces. So my advice please always check with your Doctor's 1st.
I hope you feel better. I check for different products on a site I get newsletters/emails for different chronic Pain. Or related products on a website called : The Alternative Pain Treatment Directory. This is a website that has helped me understand more about my own Chronic Pain & how to help myself deal with it all. They have item's for all sorts of stuff from vitamins to CBD & even TENS machines & other types of treatments & providers by city & state. I wish you all the best. I hope you feel your post was a great question, I'm sure you & I are not the only ppl who ha've similar issue's & questions about these types of product's. Good luck.

Sat, May 30 8:20am · 5 months post TKR: Stopped doing exercises and dealing with pain in Joint Replacements

@ellerbracke I'm sorry to say but u sent the msg to the wrong person. I'm having alot of discomfort from my left knee & trying to learn as much as I can from reading all & trying to find the right Surgeon in nyc. Currently not adviseable for me to get this trtmnt due to other health issue's. I'm so sorry about the underlines but I can't remove them my settings are hard for me to fix on my cellphone. I also will be keeping everyone posted when I start my knee replacement surgery. & I live on a 5th flr walk-up & can not afford to move currently.

I do believe the wonderful hard working Nurse/@marbowl is the person you should send msg to I just happened to be awake & saw her post. & I too agree that she should stay off her feet & try to rest more.
That's it 4now.

Thu, Mar 26 9:29am · Side effects and benefits of Gabapentin in Chronic Pain

To Stephen @wsh66 I'm sorry but I have to say something off track here. About Addiction. What is an addict in your definition is not on point. A person who takes pain meds to get high is an addict. But a legit pain patient who may or may not get high/euphoric effects from their medication is not or couldn't possibly become an addict over any time is not true. Addiction definition is the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing or activity. It does not make someone taking a narcotic pain med daily as directed by their physician who takes less than or as much as label says according to your views to become an addict u must take street drug's to get you high feeling euphoria.
I'm sorry to have offended anyone. But the drug itself is not going to make u an addict, your actions of misuse or should I say abuse to use drugs for other reasons than what the medication is intended for.

However I will say I love most of your posts. They are written with thought & sheer experience on ur part. With that said keep in mind not all ppl who take CBD & Cannabis oil would agree w/ur Neurologist opinion of what works or doesn't.
Gabapentin has helped many ppl w/neuropathy such as comes w/diabetes or other types of nerve pains of pins & needles type feelings. Unfortunately even on 50mg it did nothing but make me sick and nauseous & I even ended up w/dizziness the type you get as if u consume too much alcohol. So no this medication is not for everyone. It's sad that we who suffer the most are treated as junkies. Blessings to all.