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3 days ago · Terrible reaction to Gabapentin 300mg cap in Chronic Pain

To Stephen @wsh66 I'm sorry but I have to say something off track here. About Addiction. What is an addict in your definition is not on point. A person who takes pain meds to get high is an addict. But a legit pain patient who may or may not get high/euphoric effects from their medication is not or couldn't possibly become an addict over any time is not true. Addiction definition is the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing or activity. It does not make someone taking a narcotic pain med daily as directed by their physician who takes less than or as much as label says according to your views to become an addict u must take street drug's to get you high feeling euphoria.
I'm sorry to have offended anyone. But the drug itself is not going to make u an addict, your actions of misuse or should I say abuse to use drugs for other reasons than what the medication is intended for.

However I will say I love most of your posts. They are written with thought & sheer experience on ur part. With that said keep in mind not all ppl who take CBD & Cannabis oil would agree w/ur Neurologist opinion of what works or doesn't.
Gabapentin has helped many ppl w/neuropathy such as comes w/diabetes or other types of nerve pains of pins & needles type feelings. Unfortunately even on 50mg it did nothing but make me sick and nauseous & I even ended up w/dizziness the type you get as if u consume too much alcohol. So no this medication is not for everyone. It's sad that we who suffer the most are treated as junkies. Blessings to all.

Mon, Feb 24 1:27pm · Terrible reaction to Gabapentin 300mg cap in Chronic Pain

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Wed, Feb 12 3:01pm · Right hip pain with no relief in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Hi there & I'm a 54 yr old female now. I can relate to you in your misery & pain from hip pain. I started feeling differences in my rt.hip as young as 38yrs old & after my 42nd b-Day it got progressively worse. The pain was unbelievable & I too was in great physical shape & did Yoga, biking trails, & swimming. However I started to feel more & more pain & as a result I too went to see & orthopaedic Dr. But he sent me to Physical Therapy & while I was getting PT my therapist asked me if I ever had measured my leg lengths? I thought she was nuts. Lol. But she told me to see a chiropractor & I went & guess what my right leg is 2 inches longer than my left leg. Wow! What an eye opener & he ordered a pair of shoes that looked like they had wedges for entire bottoms. Except that they were deeper on 1foot than the other. I wore them for 6mos & felt much better as a result. I wore these shoes got 2pairs insurance didn't cover it back then. But maybe they do now. I'm not sure. Now I have arthritis in my rt hip & need TKR in my left knee. I wish u well.

Sat, Jan 25 2:20pm · Just started Xanax...anyone have experiences to share? in Depression & Anxiety

I understand in my opinion that most ppl have a misconception of medications for anxiety & depression. However it is not the medication that will make you an addict or cause addiction issue's it is you as a person who has a prescription of Xanax/aka alprazolam or Valium or whatever else you get. It is not the medications themselves but how you take them on a daily basis. Stick to what is prescribed by the professional's who treat you. Never ever take more than prescribed.
As far as Xanax/Alprazolam I have been on them for 15yrs & I'm very happy with the results. I'm prescribed 1.mg 3xday. But I try to stick to 2mg per day unless I feel like I'm losing it. But I too use breathing excercize. Also some ppl can not take Sertraline/Zoloft or Lexapro or Wellbutrin some of us take Celexa/Citalopram for Depression.

As far as safety I find it safer than Valium for me. I had 4 different Dr's try to make me switch only for me to come back scratching & crying & feeling like I'm not well. So definately I believe what works for 1 May not work for someone else & vice a versa. Take it as prescribed & u have nothing to worry abt. Especially if it is helping your condition. Also Xanax comes in a lower dose .25mg & .5 = .50/half a mg. 1.mg & 2mg I don't know how much higher it goes but I had it raised 1x in 15years & it has not made me feel like consuming other drug's that are not prescribed for me. I wish you well & do not over react about the medications. They were prescribed to help you. However if u feel nausea or any bad side effects call ur Dr immediately & ask them for further info. Good luck & well wishes to all.

Sun, Jan 12 12:08pm · Trust your gut instinct Pillow advice for sleep after shoulder surgery in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I have a question what is an ACDR procedure done on your cervical discs? What type of cervical surgery did you have? And why?
I'm asking because I myself have issues with pain & all sorts of nerve damage as a result of degenerative disc disease, multiple d I SC herniations with pinched nerves thru my entire spine. It has started to affect my elbows, wrists, hands & fingers & yes my shoulders too. So when I read this post I was interested in finding out what type of surgery you had gotten. We are all different & yet soo alike. But there are too many differences to list as to which nerve does what? So I'm curious what type of surgery u had. & also hope u feel btr sooner.

Nov 23, 2019 · Anyone with experience using Low Dose Naltrexone? in Autoimmune Diseases

Hi Chris, I read on some stuff & I'm soo sad for ur issues dear. I hope & wish u well with all.

Now with this Website it's informative but most of it does not work that way in NYC. They do tell you what strain it is & Ratios & how it is supposed to work. But that's where we all differ. I have severe allergies w/Neuropathy medications but wen I try high dose Sativa blend THC/liquid it releases my nerve pain & just makes me feel happy & relaxed whereas most ppl take Indica to feel that way. With medical cannabis I have found that ur own body is your best guide. Just try what makes your body feel better. When I share my information I try to explain what happens to your body. If you feel euphoria/that dizzy or room spinning means you either took way too much or that strain is not for you. It happens each & every time I have tried a higher dose of too much CBD or a Indica strain of THC. My body reacts differently than some other ppl do from taking the same combination of THC/CBD. But different style of cannabis blends. In NYC most of these laws do not apply to us. & most dispensaries are told that they must divulge that information to their customers for the fact that it makes a huge impact on one's experience & outcome of such medication outcomes. Wouldn't you want to know what strain it is & how it should impact your body & mind.
I'm just saying how it is in NYC from what I know so far almost 4yrs now.
I'm not saying that they may do whatever they wish but in NYC it is not legal take in public without proper license & there is no smoking of this product. Some ppl may choose to vape/the use of e-cigarette form. But not to my liking. & each pkg is marked Hybrid, Indica or Sativa. As far as what is going to happen in the future I do not know. But most companies try to tell u what type it is so it can help you better. I wish you all a good nite & happy mellow holidays.

Nov 22, 2019 · Anyone with experience using Low Dose Naltrexone? in Autoimmune Diseases

Be very careful I buy Tinctures as well of 1:20 Ratio which means it has ; very low THC & high CBD Ratio. I take 2ml. 2 full stoppers in my. Cup of tea I drink my Mint tea w/STEVIA & 2 big full stoppers full in a cup of tea unflavored tincture that is my evening delight. I relax & the pain & torture is gone. Like now. I had a very tough day, woke up very early for me end 8:30AM, & felt pain in every joint looked out the window in NYC saw rain & I knew then that it was going to be a sad miserable day. But I still had 2 Dr's to see & come home afterwards & try to cook dinner. Of course I hit my tiny wedge of cheese & took my 20:1 capsule which contains 5mg of THC: & 0.50mg of CBD. It's brand is Pharma Cannis. I do not get paid to advertise their name or promote it or otherwise. I'm just sharing what works for me. In NYC we are not allowed To get Medical Cannabis in grass or flower form for smoking. Not sure I would want to take it that way. I rather take a capsule or tincture much easier. & no foul smells or tastes. I like the mint flavor vs unflavored Tinctures. I have also noticed some ppl like the 1:1 ratio for ppl who want equal amts of medication that ratio works for their endocanoboid body system. As others who prefer the 1:20low THC/Higher amt of CBD. All I can say is do your homework go online read about these types of medication. Remember there are no such things as miracles but this helps like a big miracle for me. I no longer take a whole bunch of migraine meds or sour stomach or acid indegestion meds or soo many High dose ibuprofen it's dwn to 600mg 2x a day as needed. Most ppl think it is very high dosage but it is not for my body, as I said before we all react differently to this type of medication.

For instance my friend takes 20:1 capsule same brand as what I take but his is extra strength capsule 20:1 regular strength capsule @ 5mg THC/CBD 0.50mg & 20:1 Extra Strength capsule @ 9.5mg THC/0.50mg CBD. & when he tried taking my style he says he feels euphoric feeling. But how can that be if my capsule is abt half the strength of his capsule. Well my friends they have different styles of cannabis. They have Hybrid, Indica & Sativa. Most companies use hybrid but every state & every dispensary is different & therefore the style of medication used in a regular strength happens to be a variation of Hybrid leaning more towards a Sativa blend which happens to give me pain Relief & comfort. Where as the extra Strength capsule is an Indica strain which gives me euphoric type of effects & it numbs as much my chronic pain issue's so I think we must try taking what works better for each of us. So I say take the smallest dosage as possible in the beginning & make changes according to what your own body is telling u to do. I take 1capsule in morning & my CBD Tincture w/a lol bit of THC tincture so I can relax & sleep like a baby as pain free as possible.

I hope you all have a sweet evening. I am so far & having my 2nd cup of plain tea now & I feel good & relaxed now since my 1st cup of tea was @9pm. It's 10:45pm. Sweet Dream's.

Nov 20, 2019 · Anyone with experience using Low Dose Naltrexone? in Autoimmune Diseases

Thank you Rachel & everyone who has inspired me & I hope I can inspire more ppl. It does work & it does help. Nice to meet u too. I have to say it is my Great happiness that I can help a fellow chronic misery sufferers, end or lessen the pain. You have n o thing to lose but to try lose the pain. Best to you as well.