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Thu, Jul 30 12:56pm · Chronic Pain members - Welcome, please introduce yourself in Chronic Pain

@rwinney Thank You for your nice reply. It took me over a whole year of trials & errors finding the right Dispensary & certain styles of medicinal cannabis. At 1st I tried Vireo. Their products r very pricey & the discounts are not good. Not much of a savings. So I tried several other companies & glad I did & when I was totally sure I found the Right place, for great products & selection in styles & flavors or flavorless products I could take. I buy a bit of oil styled tincture that is mostly high CBD/dosage but what I use it for is to make my own cocoa butter mixture frames from my old glass cont. From their sublingual mints & I use those to soothe my aches & pains especially my left knee/need surgery sometime at end of year.
I do not take any pain meds with my medical cannabis. I take ibuprofen 4 break thru aches & muscular pains mostly. I been weaning myself off of a certain medication that caused more grief than help & this medication was given to me for way too long & not to mention that my pain mgmt Dr's told me it was to help me not go back to opiate medications. However with that being said it's something that should be treated differently on certain individuals on a case to case as opposed the longer u take it you will not go back to taking opiate pain killers. I came to his office. 5yrs. Ago asking to be taken off opiate pain meds because I was not getting enough releif from them. So my point being sometimes you have to remind Dr's that we are not addicts but pain sufferers. It's not 1 size fits all.

Thu, Jul 30 4:04am · Chronic Pain members - Welcome, please introduce yourself in Chronic Pain

@rwinney, I find it that medicinal cannabis & mostly High CBD medical cannabis does not work well for me. Instead of feeling better from it it gives me the runs. & when I take the oil Tinctures of Higher doses as in THC/CBD 20:1 unlike most people I do not feel any euphoric effects as I do from the 1:20 Ratio of mostly CBD medical cannabis. Vaping or smoking is not an option for someone like me, I have COPD/Asthmatic. So I tried capsules & Matter & Pharmacannis, Curaleaf have great capsules & they are economically cheaper than the oils/Tinctures & I take the extra strength 2capsules a day & 1-2 chews/like gummies. No measuring needed no surprise reactions. I'm the 1 in a million type of body endocanaboid system that does not give me any type of Euphoric feelings from high doses of medical cannabis containg higher THC levels & I usually carry a few pcs in my purse in a pill cont. In NYC there are numerous different Dispensaries & each 1 varies by different styles, Sizes & Ratios in strength & styles & prices. I suffer from Chronic Pain due to Degenerative Disc Disease. I definately get lots of relief from my chronic pain issue's.

I think if a style of medical cannabis, or Hemp CBD/no THC products help some people that's great too. It just makes sense to at least try different styles & Ratios we are all different, & we all want some type of releif. I'm glad capsules & gummies work for me & they are convenient & not as pricey as 1 would think at certain dispensaries in each state. Also most states have a sign on bonus where they deduct the amount you pay your Dr. For RX. & if you have Medicare or Medicaid or Veteran's get certain deductions & every month you go during sale days & you save $$$. So it works out where it is not cheap but affordable for most. And there are also loyalty points for every $ you spend then the next time u go get ur usual meds they deduct it off your amount due. It works best for me to take capsules, convenient & no fuss no muss.

I hope everyone has alot less misery from chronic pain issue's, etc. Best wishes to all. ☺
Have a Beautiful day or nite depends how & when 1 reads this msg.

Thu, Jul 30 12:04am · Has anyone one tried the HF10 Spinal Cord Stimulation Device? in Chronic Pain

@donfeld I'm so sad & feel bad that this happened to you. It's sad & very dangerous thinking your putting your life in some Dr's hands & later down the line have to deal with even more dangerous & painful conditions. I'm so sorry for you.
I received at least 5-6 epidurals in my lower back, I have an additional 3 herniated disc's in my lumbar, I also received about 4 RFA's & as well in my thoracic 2nd time wouldn't take. & I also had bunch of epidural injections done in my Cervical 5 herniated disc's as well as 2 times of RFA injections that was done about a year & 1/2 apart. Now it has worn off & I was planning to ask my pain mgmt Dr. For another 1 in my cervical area. But since I read what you wrote about the after effects from unintentional injections that caused for your spinal fluid to leak, I'm really concerned & very afraid of doing it. But at the same time I'm in excruciating pain & it's very hard to deal with. I take medicinal cannabis capsules 3-4 @day. I'm also having total knee replacement surgery around December of this year.

I would be grateful if you could tell me what type of injections caused this condition to happen to you?

I read a part where you said they went too deep & nerves touching each other, what type or types of injections were they?

Wed, Jul 29 3:00pm · Has anyone one tried the HF10 Spinal Cord Stimulation Device? in Chronic Pain

@sallymagint Hi. You mentioned u have nerve pain in ur hands & arm's especially the right hand. Have you seen a rheumatologist for a Neurologist to make sure this is not some other type of issue? In my case I have 5 herniated disc's in my neck/cervical spine C3 thru C6. & then again in my Thoracic area 3more discs are herniated.
Especially when I'm feeling exhausted or should I say I feel like I'm going to collapse. & I have Osteoporosis/severe arthritis & carpal tunnel in both hands/wrists & my fingers. So I wear stabilizers/hand & wrist braces to help keep my wrists straight especially at night wen I wake up with shooting pins & needles dwn my forearms & hands. I do not tolerate any type of meds like Pregablin/Lyrica or Gabapentin/Neurontin. But I use Voltaren gel & LIDOCAINE roll On or creme with or without Menthol. Salonpas Brand has no scent. So I thought maybe this info could be something to consider checking for. Best Wishes.

Sun, Jul 12 2:11pm · Myofascial Release Therapy (MFR) for treating compression and pain in Neuropathy

Dear @jenniferhunter Thank you so so much for all this wonderful info. It's amazing the stuff I'm learning here. Wow!!! I'm so happy to read all this info. Thank you and may God Bless you & help heal you as quickly as can be. Thank you again. Mimi🌷

Sun, Jul 12 1:35am · Recovering from Spine Surgery: Patience required in Spine Health

@jenniferhunter Wow. I just had to wish you well too. I hope your ankle is doing better & give urself time to heal. I know what it's like to have pins & metal rods inside our bodies. With me it's just above my right ankle cpl screws & a metal rod holding my bone together. 12yrs ago. Give urself plenty of time to heal properly. & when they say no more than 10bs. Stick to it. My 🐱 she slept w/me on the recliner each & every day & nite. Her soft purrs made me feel better. It's amazing how felines can help heal us. Have u tried using a chair to rest ur knee on it while using ur hands? I used to take kitchen chair & put big fat pillow on seat & rest my knee over it so I could clean my dishes & cook for myself. I didn't have anyone to help me. I did have a home health aid come 4x a week for 3mos. She was a blessing. If I didn't have help I don't know how I would have managed. & I used crutches & wobbled on a big plastic board w/handles dwn my 5flights of stairs. But i cried & no1 wud help me. Finally my HHA/she saved me & I felt btr. It makes you tougher & more aware of just how fragile our bodies are. I wish you & ur fur babies a speedy recovery. 🌷😻Mimi

Sat, Jul 11 8:32pm · Recovering from Spine Surgery: Patience required in Spine Health

Dear @lilypaws you had 1 of the toughest surgeries that I know about. Anything to do with ur spine, nerves & disc's is no joke & believe me when I tell you my best Friend whom I cherish had very similar surgery but not w/Mayo Clinic. We r in NYC. Their hospitals are top notch too. I just want you to give yourself plenty of time to be pampered by your Husband & other family or Friend's. Can u get a home health aid to help for few mos. You may want to look into that. Also want to wish you a speedy recovery & know we are all here for you with support love & compassion. I know too well what torture comes from herniated disc's, & spinal stenosis, bulging discs & pinched nerves. I'm hopeful that you will be btr than b4. I have Osteoporosis/but take Calcium & Magnesium supplements they help w/bones & prevent spasms. I too get Flexeril 10mg 2x a day. But I try not to use them so much unless my spasms are doing a dance on my shoulder blade or neck areas. I wish you all the best & as long as you have a positive outlook on it as with everything else, this chapter in your life will pass & you will be that much better for it. Just do as directed. As far as weaning off Tramadol or Oxycodone, start with Tramadol 1st, & then wean off of Oxycodone. I myself was on Tramadol/gave me bad depression after I broke my knee the 1st time & was given Tramadol & it gave me such migraines that I got off it fast. & switched to another pain medication. Now my Friend & most chronic pain patients & a few of my Lyme Friends are taking Medical Cannabis for chronic severe pain. It works for me & there are other ppl here who can give you more details on that subject. I take in capsule & gummy' chews form. They have helped with Chronic pain issues including my Nerve pain & my Sciatica acts up very rarely now. I can not take Lyrica or Neurontin types of medications they make me sick/not good for certain ppl.
So you might want to look into that instead of taking pain meds. I wish you all the best & a great recovery. There is going to be better days ahead, just take your time. As I always say to my Friends be happy life is always changing & after it rains the sun must come back. Meaning so will you when you are ready. Best wishes. Mimi🌷

Sun, Jul 5 3:15pm · Living with arthritis: How do you stay active? in Bones, Joints & Muscles

@suz55 Hello to you, from NYC. I'm a 55yr old female who has been suffering with various arthritis issue's myself, amongst other types of back & knee issues. I see a Rheumatologist for arthritis pain. I have severe pain in my right hand & both knees, feet & spine & my hips r starting to click-clack & PT helps alot. Just moving more. I can barely wait for pool to open up so I can swim. It really helps my joints & helps tone & strengthen my muscles. I wish you well. Stay strong. I use a paper towel to exercise my hand & fingers on both hands. Just crumple it up & release with same hand. Do this daily it helps my hands from cramping & my fingers from getting stiff. I too suffer from debilitating chronic Fibromyalgia pain. I also see my Pain Mgmt Dr. But for Arthritis in my hands & feet I prefer my Rheumatologist. Stay strong.