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Oct 8, 2019 · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

That is a liquid with a Dropper. I think I ordered it from the hallelujah diet company. Anyway, I am still drinking the fresh every day! Getting used to it😊.

Oct 5, 2019 · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

I just found this in my cabinet. I forgot all about it, I actually bought it before all this came about. It has never been opened. Until now!!

Oct 4, 2019 · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

That’s what I will do. Call and bug the stew out of them! I’m so glad yours cleared back up!!

Oct 4, 2019 · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

I actually work in Valdosta! Small world. I live in Tifton now, but lived in Lake Park for 20 years.

I eat pretty healthy, rarely eat sugar or red meat. I do eat chicken and fish. I need to look into the diet you referred to. I am naturally ( genetically) slim and tall.

Yes, I was referring to my lady parts (mainly only on the front as of now). Also my butt is covered.

You guys are all so helpful on here!

Oct 4, 2019 · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

Soaking in the pool? I have a pool, but haven’t been in it since early July, when it was only on my sides. I was afraid it would make things worse. I will have my little granddaughter this weekend, maybe I’ll get in it!! I have read about bleach baths, but scared to try that😳

I hope I can find something that works for me, because it is so hard going to work everyday. I have an hour commute to work each way, and I live in south ga. Half way through the day, I am extra miserable. I keep reminding myself that things could be much worse…

I have clobetasol liquid, maybe I’ll try that on my skin. It got rid of what was on my scalp. I don’t like the greasy stuff.

Thanks for your encouragement 😊

Oct 3, 2019 · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

I am literally dying. This is spreading to places where the sun don’t shine. Like, never. Burning like carpet burns. I am bruised everywhere from scratching, although I try not to.

Going to Mayo Clinic in Jax, but they can’t get me in until dec 16.

I’m beginning to wonder if this is something else, because of where it is going.

Path report was short and sweet. Said acantholitic dermatosis consistent with Grover disease. That’s all.

Anyone have any suggestions as to where I can get help? Dec 16 is too far away.

Seems no one cares about Grover sufferers. There’s not enough money to be made… well I wish I had done something different right my career path…..

Oct 1, 2019 · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

Wow! Six days. That is awesome! I am trying so hard to stay positive, so it is encouraging to read this. Gonna stick with cilantro for sure. Adding strawberries, bananas and celery, along with a frozen packet of superfood açaí and other green stuff. Lol, I didn’t have my glasses on this morning, so I can’t remember exactly what it was.

Oct 1, 2019 · Grover's Disease in Skin Health

Thanks so much for the tips! I will order some Chlorella supplements ASAP. You guys are all so sweet to respond with such advice and encouragement.