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Sun, Nov 24 3:03pm · Lessons I Learned From Caregiving in Caregivers

Yes unscented soap on everything he wears or sleeps on. ! Thank you!
Its been almost 3 weeks since his last treatment and it still looks awful. He says doesn't feel any better at all. It's not permanent is it??

Sat, Nov 23 9:40am · Lessons I Learned From Caregiving in Caregivers

Hi! Thank you for asking! I've been tying to get on here but crazy busy.
He had a scan on Monday and we saw the dr on Wednesday. He has had 3 treatments of Vectibix and the nodules decreased by almost HALF!! That is the best result we have seen from any chemo or immunotherapy since this all started 6 years ago. His face is still very painful. It has spread on his back, arms, hands, legs, chest and neck. They are not as painful as his face.
Dr is skipping the next 2 treatments, then scheduled again for December 17th.
I bought a dozen white pillow cases– because they need to be changed daily. I use unscented soap for his clothes. Aquaphor seems to feel the best. Its very greasy tho . I got him an electric blanket cause he is so cold all the time. He is an electrician and yesterday a pair of dykes fell off a ladder and hit him on his nose . Ugh!!
We are hoping his face will start to feel better soon! Anyone have an idea how long that might take?

Tue, Nov 12 4:09am · Lessons I Learned From Caregiving in Caregivers

Now His skin looks sun burned with acne and he says it is non stop painful. It has spread down to his chest and inside thighs and hands. Another scan next week to see if it is working.

Sun, Nov 10 9:04pm · Vectibix in Colorectal Cancer

My husband took vectibix . His side effects were the rash and acne on his face. He said it felt like his face was burning. Looked like he had a bad sunburn.He also had some mouth sores that made it hard to eat and he pretty much stopped eating. He lost a bunch of weight, so pack on the pounds if you can. After a couple bags of fluid, and dr stopped the infusion to give him a break. Unfortunately it did not cure his cancer .colon (cancer metastasized to his lungs.) Prayers and best of luck!

Sun, Oct 27 9:58pm · Metastasized colon cancer: At a loss..what is next? in Caregivers

Thank you,. Much love Becky.

Sun, Oct 27 7:03am · Metastasized colon cancer: At a loss..what is next? in Caregivers

Thank you! Surprisingly …he's eating more than i see as he gained 7 lbs at the dr visit!! We went away for a couple nights and did nothing. It was peaceful, quiet and wondeful.
When i saw my therapist last week she said i have "anticipatory grief"
Anyone hear of that? I read about it. It does sound like me. She said we would talk more about it at my next visit.
Thank you. Hope everyone is doing well!

Thu, Oct 17 11:23am · Metastasized colon cancer: At a loss..what is next? in Caregivers

Several of the lesions in his lungs have he is taking a new immunotherapy. Vectibex or something like that. His face is starting to burn and hurt. Hes lost a lot of interest in food. Can't find anything that tastes good.