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6 days ago · Post-op care locally after surgery at Mayo? in Visiting Mayo Clinic

@jenniferhunter So sorry about your ankle! I really wish Mayo was closer, as I love the care I receive there. If the winters weren't so harsh in Minnesota, we might consider moving there. LOL. I suspect I may end up there for this shoulder/spine stuff, as I know they will be able to figure it out.

6 days ago · Post-op care locally after surgery at Mayo? in Visiting Mayo Clinic

@jolinda Thanks for the info and congrats on a successful PKD surgery. In terms of the estradiol/estrogen, none of my medical professionals here seemed to know about that. I was on HRT for three years before learning from others I should not be taking it. I stopped it on my own July 2019. Went to Mayo in October and the PKD/PLD specialists were shocked that my family practice doc, OB/GYN, nephrologist and liver specialist had no clue. Last month I did do a telemedicine appointment with an OB/GYN at Mayo because after six years of not having a period (am not on birth control) and lab work indicating I am post menopause, I have started bleeding again. In my discussion I did mention to the Mayo OB/GYN about my PKD/PLD and the estrogen issue. She wanted to put me on Premarin cream, noting due to how it is administered, it should not be an issue compared to an oral pill. She was concerned about bone health. I have another call with her at the end of the month to go over new lab work she had me do here locally.

Sun, Jul 5 1:50pm · Post-op care locally after surgery at Mayo? in Visiting Mayo Clinic

@lilypaws that's for sharing your experience!

Sun, Jul 5 1:17pm · Post-op care locally after surgery at Mayo? in Visiting Mayo Clinic

@colleenyoung I don't have surgery scheduled yet. I am getting a guided injection into my shoulder on the 9th and then am supposed to see the spine surgeon in August as a follow up. He is the one who thinks this is a shoulder issue that was made worse by the cervical spine surgery. Depending on how it goes, I may end up at Mayo for their expertise.

Thu, Jul 2 8:14am · Post-op care locally after surgery at Mayo? in Visiting Mayo Clinic

Hello – I am considering traveling to Mayo for a second opinion on my shoulder. I won't bore everyone with all of the details but do have a question. If someone has an orthopedic surgery at Mayo, are they able to get post-op care (i.e. follow up appointments) with a local specialist versus having to travel back to Mayo? I am a Mayo patient for my polycystic kidney and liver disease (PKD/PLD). And after having two local OB/GYNs attempt to figure out a problem I am having, I have also started seeing a Mayo OB/GYN. I had testing done here with results sent to Mayo and have used virtual appointments with plans to visit the doctor later in the year when I am there for my annual PKD/PLD appointment. I haven't had any surgery at Mayo though so I wasn't sure how that is handled in terms of having a surgery there but then handing post-op care, physical therapy, etc., off to someone at my local level. Any insight is appreciated!

Sat, May 30 5:44pm · Left ankle/foot issue in Bones, Joints & Muscles

@jenniferhunter I forgot to mention the custom orthotics I had made during all of this as well. I suspect they've done some good.

Sat, May 30 8:38am · Left ankle/foot issue in Bones, Joints & Muscles

@jenniferhunter thanks for the reply! Fortunately, the ankle/foot is getting much better! It's taken months but the tingly is minimal and the actual pain seems to be gone. I bought metal tools like the kind they use in gua sha. Obviously I am not trained in it but have had enough ASTYM done on various limps that I have a somewhat good idea how to do scraping. I used the tools on both legs twice a week for several weeks and then scaled down to once a week. Did a little strengthen via physical therapy. I think the combination of the two helped greatly. 🙂

Tue, May 19 12:26pm · Post Menopause and bleeding in Women's Health

@merpreb SORRY! I didn't realize I wasn't supposed to post the lab results. My bleeding lasted six days…which would be typical of a period. The OB/GYN didn't mention an internal during the brief call I had with her today. I think she wants to get one more round of testing done before going in that direction.