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2 days ago · Chronic small bowel obstruction from adhesions in Digestive Health

Prayers for you
I hope and pray you get answers and relief from your pain.
It’s horrible to be in so much pain and not get any help or answers.

Fri, Jan 10 6:57pm · Weak, Sick, & Scared in Autoimmune Diseases

I just seen your post and just want to give you some encouragement
It’s so hard to be suffering like you are and also have to be dealing with your husband in the hospital.
Hoping all will be well with him and you get answers for yourself also.

Fri, Jan 10 9:32am · Disappointed in Digestive Health

Yes since she has lived with it longer it’s always good to know what to look for or just complain too,lol.
I tell her she is the energizer bunny because she just keeps going and going. Even when she is having a tough day.
I want to be like her and I try.
And then other days bed is my bestie lol.
On my good days I do as much cleaning and cooking for my family and also baking.

Fri, Jan 10 4:28am · Disappointed in Digestive Health

Thank you
I have been doing some relaxation techniques I learned online to help try and deal with the pain.
Yes it is not easier but helpful and I do a lot of reading about it. I also have a sister who suffers from the same disease so we do a lot of talking to each other on the phone about it. So having her to talk to helps a lot.
I’m not giving up I have my grandchildren and children who need me around sick or not,lol.
Usually I am upbeat but yesterday just knocked the wind out of my sails I think so I jumped on the pity pot.
I’m feeling better this morning and didn’t have a episode last night so I actually got a straight 5 hours of sleep so getting that much sleep helps my mood also.
I think I’m just in a flare that is taking longer to be done then I normally have. Most last two or three months and this one has been six at least. So now it’s time to put my big girl bloomers on and keep on trucking,lol.
That is true about the doctor especially when I hear about the green bile vomit and how it could be gallbladder or something not related to the gastroparesis. It would of been nice to hear why no tests ordered especially since it’s been over a year and half since had endoscopy.

Thu, Jan 9 9:08pm · Disappointed in Digestive Health

Yes I am in Rochester.
No the doctor I had seen last time is gone. I was hoping to get him again but no such luck.
Yes the last time I was here it seemed like they were mostly concern with me taking laxatives.
So I ended up back again last January for the pelvic floor therapy.
It helped so I don’t take laxatives anymore and now this doctor wants me to take milk of magnesia.
So I’m just confused.
I won’t give up I was just so frustrated and confused about what the next option is.
Thank you for listening and I appreciate all your feedback.
I will check into massage therapy.
I guess it’s back to the drawing board and looking for another doctor who will listen.
I almost feel like the doctor thought I was looking for pain pills.

Thu, Jan 9 7:38pm · Disappointed in Digestive Health

Thank you so much for the sympathy
That’s exactly what I was thinking.
Now I just don’t know where to turn. Ever since I was young all I heard was if your really sick and in pain go to Mayo.
They can help you.

Thu, Jan 9 6:35pm · Disappointed in Digestive Health

Sorry to hear your hurting also. Being in pain is so wearing and taxing on a person and it like beats you down so bad.

Thu, Jan 9 6:34pm · Disappointed in Digestive Health

Hi thank you for the message
I’ve had my gallbladder checked like six months ago and I guess it was fine.
My mother had the same thing when they did the surgery on her they said her gallbladder practically disintegrated it was so bad.
She had a lot of back pain and chest pain the doctor thought she was having a heart attack.
That’s one thing I didn’t understand why no tests done. Just I go in and since I have gastroparesis and systemic scleroderma that’s the issue and oh just eat small meals take your meds and that was it.
I think that’s why I am so frustrated and disappointed.
My regular gastroenterologist said go to mayo I can’t do anything else for you and it seems like that’s the way this doctor is also.