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Mon, May 4 10:24pm · Getting Off of Omeprazole in Digestive Health

Your welcome I wish you luck getting off of it.
I do know on the days I don’t eat I will only take one so I will take the breakfast one and as long as I haven’t eaten since breakfast I can skip the night one. But that is the only way I can slack off on dosage.

Mon, May 4 1:31pm · Getting Off of Omeprazole in Digestive Health

When I had to do a test I couldnt take anything for my stomach for ten days. No nexium,Zantac,tums, it was the worst. I forget what the test was it had to do with a tube going down my nose to check stomach acid and I had to try and eat foods that would trigger it.
Now I am scared to even try and go off the meds.

Sun, May 3 1:28pm · Not so sure it's IBS in Digestive Health

That was incredibly rude!
You did the right thing by walking out! I would of also.
My daughter would of tore him a new one and left behind me. My thing was they didn’t even discuss anything about my gastroparesis.
I was on laxatives for it and not even taking them everyday so it was a pelvic floor dysfunction for me and so recommended therapy which insurance didn’t cover. Everything that was recommended for me not covered by insurance.
First was the therapy and second was a reflux band and third was some kind of injection that I would have to do daily and expensive as hell.

Sun, May 3 7:29am · Not so sure it's IBS in Digestive Health

Wow I thought the same thing.
I did stay through all the tests and met with doctor assistant for the results but I so wasn’t impressed.
I wish I could of went to a different hospital now.
Where I’m from Mayo is the be all end all hospital.
And when I say I wasn’t impressed people get upset with me.
I know they do great work but I needed a specialized clinic for gastroparesis and systemic scleroderma.

Sat, Mar 14 11:47am · Hemorrhoid surgery in Digestive Health

Idk if this is the place to be but I had two of them removed three weeks ago and I am still having issues with incontinence of my bowels and also a little bit of bleeding and soreness where the roid was removed.

Thu, Mar 5 7:29am · Chronic small bowel obstruction from adhesions in Digestive Health

Please update after your appointment
I totally understand your frustration with doctors and not getting answers.
I am meeting with a new gastroenterologist on Thursday and praying that he can help me with my stomach pain. I do have gastroparesis and The stomach pain everyday wears you down so bad.
Some days I feel like what’s the point in trying to eat because I’m just going to hurt after.
Oh well we have to keep on keeping on to get one doctor to understand what it’s like and figure out some kind of treatment plan.

Tue, Mar 3 5:01pm · Hiatal Hernia. What helps? in Digestive Health

That sounds interesting

Sun, Mar 1 4:05pm · Let’s Go Walking! Join me for a virtual walking support group in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

Wow most exercise I’ve gotten in awhile.
Kept putting it off and I thought nope! I’m going to get this started and not wuss out.
I need to get my strength back up and even though I feel ready for my recliner I’m going to keep moving for a bit.
Thank you for giving me the push I needed to do this.