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Mon, Aug 31 10:50am · I've stopped taking my blood pressure in Heart & Blood Health

Well, my blood pressure is and has been low….kept a journal for awhile now and the lowest to date was 91/75. Then and doctors I was seeing during those times, didn’t feel it was a problem beverage in their office it would run normal and at times 98/74. The only person who told me to be careful was the MA who took my blood pressure and said low blood pressure can also be a problem. That’s when I bought the same blood pressure machine they use in the doctors office, plus my sister is an and she showed me how to use the old fashion blood pressure with the bulb you squeeze. Well I also learned about the table tilt test that you can perform yourself at home. Example of just one of many was. Sitting down, blood pressure was 118/83, waited about 1 to 3 minutes and took blood pressure test, standing and it was 100/83, another example sitting it was 104/72. Waited few minutes took again standing and it was 91/75. There has been a few times it went up some at a doctors office and sitting and waiting for hours, drank 2 cups of coffee and an add real and it was 135//88. I told her that she didn’t do it right and to retake it, as expected it said 122/81. I have fibromyalgia,chronic fatigue,ulnar nerve damage, severe depression and get dizzy upon standing but none of the doctors felt it was a problem and some appeared annoyed that I knew how to do do the table tilt test. I know my Adrenals have crashed and other things. DHEA levels low for years and cortisol levels high in the morning etc. so, after bouncing from one doctor to another for years, still no help. Holistic doctor agreed with me and requested I ask my doctors for certain blood work so he could rule out some things. They refused but did get them to agree to check my DHEA and vitamin d levels, yep…low as ever. I now am past fight or flight mode, but survival mode and giving it to God because I can’t deal with doctors and being unheard and their egos hurt because I knew more then they did. Plus, my fuse is very short now days, and I am not in the mood for games. I will go off and therefore, pray and try my hardest to keep my anger etc,pain etc in check. God bless everyone and if and when this stupid virus is over, then I will wait for directions from God, if I am still around.

Sun, Aug 30 9:41am · Non-Prescription Pain Relief in Chronic Pain

I would like to know the same thing. Find it ironic I can’t get my Norco for pain and I was responsible with them and only thing that gave me a quality of life. Just read an article that they are doing trials of LSD Microdoses from patients with chronic pain. Is it me, or is is this crazy. How in the hell is LSD better then an opioid that was low dose and worked. They keep failing to add those that abused opioids was taking more then prescribed and or buying from the streets that was laced with fentyl.

Sun, Aug 2 12:30pm · Has anyone one tried the HF10 Spinal Cord Stimulation Device? in Chronic Pain

Thx will look into my mris that I have but not sure what to look for. As to your comment on where’s the Opiods? Florida is and was the pain pill mill of the United States and as a result of doctors giving them out to people that really didn’t need them or maybe a few pills after a procedure they was given 90 pills and they were abused and some became addicted. Government cracked down on it due to all the overdoses that had other factors involved in the overdoses. So us with chronic pain was not suppose to be lumped into the serious crackdown but doctors was scared and basically stopped writing scripts for us. They will at times give you maybe 3 to 5 pills and usually only after a surgical procedure. Many have been trying to fight this including many military members that have and are suffering from chronic pain due to injuries sustained fighting in the war.

Sat, Aug 1 3:40pm · Has anyone one tried the HF10 Spinal Cord Stimulation Device? in Chronic Pain

Never heard of this condition before but something I have down to get ruled out one day. I have had Epidural steroid injections, facet blocks, radio frequency ablations on just about every levels of my spine. Multiple surgeries on my ulnar nerve in the right arm/hand and still not better. Numerous mri’s showed pinched nerves in shoulder and cervical,thoracic and lumbar levels. Two herniated disk in the cervical areas bounced back and forth between neuros and orthopedic and pain mgmt doctors over last 8 years. All I know is my back,neck etc pain is worse and I believe the procedures on my back is the cause. Numbness and tingling in right foot now. Praying for a miracle because I have lost trust in doctors and I would have to start all over with new doctors. Mental health is a mess as a result and cortisol,DHEA etc are out of whack. Adrenals crashed and lord knows what else. All doctors 🥼 was seeing are gone, moved, retired etc and just can’t find a doctor to address the root cause of so many things. Until I get ready to fight again for help, I turned it all over to God. No pain meds since the doctors abused prescribing them and from the people abusing them. It was the only thing that helped my back and neck pain and some what quality of life, and I took my responsible. So over the counter meds is all I can do besides my tens unit and heating pads, stretches etc.
Good luck to you all

Thu, Jul 2 2:48pm · Has anyone one tried the HF10 Spinal Cord Stimulation Device? in Chronic Pain

No, because they are in Jacksonville Florida and I am in Tampa. Too long of a drive. Wish they had one closer to me. Thx

Tue, Jun 30 3:22pm · Has anyone one tried the HF10 Spinal Cord Stimulation Device? in Chronic Pain

I have to find a doctor that knows what they are doing and listens to my conditions. Spinal stenosis, herniated disks, pinched nerves. 4 surgeries for nerve damage to my ulnar nerves that was pinched and double crush ulnar nerves at multiple levels etc.

Thu, Jun 11 3:21pm · Has anyone one tried the HF10 Spinal Cord Stimulation Device? in Chronic Pain

No thanks, not up for being a guinea pig. Tried so many things already and I believe I’m in worse shape because of the crap I was fed. Don’t trust anyone at this time but God.

Sun, Jun 7 11:33am · Has anyone one tried the HF10 Spinal Cord Stimulation Device? in Chronic Pain

Sadly I have never met anyone that underwent a fusion and especially at the lumbar levels that was relieved from pain. Just made them worse. I handled workers compensation claims for over 20 years….never had a complaint get better but ended up with a spinal cord stimulator and eventually removed because the people complained of more pain and some developed infections. The doctors termed them with “Failed back syndrome. Hopefully you can get relief and find a doctor that cares and knows what they are doing. Money is the driving force for many of these surgeries and devices.