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6 days ago · Hard of Hearing and Going to the Movies: How do you deal with it? in Hearing Loss

I’ll bet folks on here have many different experiences dealing with hearing at the movies at theaters. I’m curious how different folks deal with movies.

I have not gone to many movies because I can’t understand them. I’ve probably gone to about 6 theater movies since 1970 and have tried to listen to movies at home (mostly unsuccessfully). Sound effects overpower a lot of speech, I can’t understand any whispering, and “shouting doesn’t help”. Caption glasses and FM listeners are not very user-friendly for me.

I heard that this theater was showing the Open Caption movie at the request of some other deaf/hard of hearing individual. (It pays to speak up). I noticed several other deaf/hard of hearing folks there too so word must have gotten out about the Open Caption. I learned that even though I thought I could hear birds and crickets with my “new” 3-year old hearing aids I can’t hear them well at all. The captions told of several things that were playing in the soundtrack but I didn’t hear at all. And I learned that I could follow the movie much better than any other I’ve watched.

Now I’m wondering how to find when/where open caption movies play, how to request them, why they are not offered more. I did send a “thank you” to the theater for showing the movie and their consideration for the deaf and hard of hearing community.

6 days ago · Hearing Loss: Come introduce yourself and connect with others in Hearing Loss

Welcome Jim, this is a great place to learn from others even though you already have lots of experience with hearing loss. And good luck with your retirement. I retired in 2000 – and again in 2013 because I didn't get it right the first time. Don't do that to yourself.

Quote from Contentandwell "For me, it was the loss of word recognition that made things the most difficult." That makes a huge difference. Same goes for listening in noise. There seem to be many ways to state or describe the inability to understand speech. Audiograms predict (to a degree) how a person can hear sound, but they are less good at predicting how that will be understood by a hearing impaired individual. Some Audiologists now recognize that many veterans (especially those who have encountered blasts or TBI, traumatic brain injuries) have less ability to understand speech than their audiograms would suggest. So there is obviously more science yet to be understood in auditory precessing.

Thu, Nov 21 7:35am · Auto racket: Hearing aids make an annoying noise when car is running in Hearing Loss

What Tony said.
If the noise is related to the engine rpm, the engine is most certainly causing it. Ignition voltage is quite high and a break in insulation or a poor connection is most likely the source. You may be able to find the fault with your hearing aids if the noise increases when you move closet to the motor or source.

Sat, Oct 19 9:51am · Educating others about hearing loss and deafness in Hearing Loss

Thanks Mary, I've pretty much tried most of what you suggest without success. My loss is severe above 1K hz and profound above 2K hz. I recently went from Starkey to ReSound (2 pair) to Oticon (2 pair) and the biggest difference I can detect is that the ReSound were the worst. And, yes, there were many adjustments along the way by several VA audis and one private practice audi. I don't think I have to tell you how frustrating it is to hear but not understand. The different noise suppression programs just produced different sounding noise to me. The Oticon produce the best sound for me and allow me to hear some birds and crickets etc, but they do little to improve my speech understanding. I can enjoy music (instrumental) through HL and streamers, and when using an induction loop or streaming device I do very well with lectures and TV. (I generally use t-coil only program)

Sat, Oct 19 7:20am · Educating others about hearing loss and deafness in Hearing Loss

Group conversations are a real hard one. They are not usually held in a quiet setting AND multiple people talk at once. Easy to get overwhelmed and loose track of the conversation. It so easy to avoid those situations, but that leaves me out completely out. I have just begun using Ava on my phone and trying to get used to that while at the same time trying to get others to use it too. Not easy but can work well.

Mary, I also use the "mute" button. Trying to listen to things we can't understand is so frustrating, stressful, and tiring that I sometimes just quit. I think it actually lowers my blood pressure and I know it helps me relax. I think my hearing aids make some circuitry noise that I don't notice when I put them on, but I sure do notice when I turn them off. Also when I'm alone (driving or at home etc) I'll turn off my hearing aids because the noise I hear is so distracting. My ability to hear noise is great – heading speech is awful. Audiologists tell me I have a "tough" hearing loss. That's not a real technical term, but I think I understand it.

Sat, Oct 12 11:04am · What to Expect at Your Hearing Aid Fitting in Hearing Loss

All true and well said. I, too, use my Connect Clip to listen to my computer and I have found music worth listening to only since t-coil and BT.

But I recently talked to a member of our church (equipped with a hearing loop) who told me he can't use the loop because he can't hear anything but the loop. I was the one who encouraged him to get t-coils in his hearing aids. I found out his programs do not include a program that activates the induction loop AND his hearing aid microphones at the same time. I told him to go back and tell his audi that he needs such a program. Another example of audiologists who don't understand our needs.

Sat, Oct 12 6:51am · What to Expect at Your Hearing Aid Fitting in Hearing Loss

I have no experience at Costco. But, in general, it appears to me that most decisions made by the big stores are made by the marketing department with the objective of making a profit for the company. I don't doubt they have some caring and competent people who want to server their patients (customers) well, but they have to operate within the constrains of store policy – determined by the marketing department. With the advent of OTC hearing aids this would be a huge consideration for me. There is no guarantee that a patient will get better care at a private practice audiologist either. But I agree with julieo4 about wanting to see someone I know is best positioned to help me.

Fri, Oct 11 9:44am · What to Expect at Your Hearing Aid Fitting in Hearing Loss

Yes, there is disagreement among the hearing professionals on the use of real ear measures.