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Tue, Sep 24 2:18pm · Post kidney transplant issues in Transplants

Hi Rosemary
He's back in the hospital. He needs a blood transfusion (again) . They are saying everything that's going on with him is rare.
When he was in the hospital last week he had a fluid sack so they cut a hole by the new kidney so it could drain then they packed it with gauze . They set up for nurses to come to our house and change the packing. The nurse who came yesterday did not like the way he looked so he called for the ambulance. As soon as I get more information I will let you know.

Fri, Sep 20 4:59am · Post kidney transplant issues in Transplants

Good morning. Thank you for the information. He's back in the hospital. I didn't say anything about the x-ray he had done of his stomach about 3 weeks after the transplant but I will now. It showed a piece of metal on his right side. The doctors said it wasn't theirs and they dont think its nothing to worry about . I keep thinking, did this metal puncture his ureter. I took him to our primary care physician cause he just kept getting weaker. The doctor sent him for a stomach x-ray and now the piece of steel is on the left side. I took him to the transplant hospital and they admitted him. They are going to do a scan today then decide what should be done. I sure hope they can get him back to feeling better.

Fri, Sep 13 10:46am · Post kidney transplant issues in Transplants

Thank you for the reply. I know and understand that everybody heals differently. It just gets so frustrating seeing him go through all this. He's not the energetic man he was before the transplant. Our visit Wednesday was exhausting, they drew blood and his magnesium and phosphorous were low so he had to have a 4 hour drip. We are a little over 3 hours one way from the hospital.They took the bag off and clamped it, so far he has been urinating. We have to keep a daily urine count. If he goes 8 hours without urinating then we have to put the bag back on. We go back next Thursday and they might remove the tube to see if the ureter stays open. If not they are talking surgery.
Im glad to hear you are doing good 😊

Thu, Sep 12 3:48pm · Post kidney transplant issues in Transplants

Hi. Boy have we've been going through a lot these past three weeks. My husband has been in the hospital twice. His creatinine went real high, had a sonogram done and they said his ureter had collapsed. They are calling it Hydronephrosis. Is this a normal thing? They have a tube going to it with a bag to catch his urine. All they can tell me is they dont know why it happened.

Mon, Sep 2 5:58pm · Post kidney transplant issues in Transplants

Thank you. I know this is hard on my husband. He’s an avid Deer hunter. Season starts next month and he wants to go so bad but he doesn’t have the strength to shoot his gun.😞

Mon, Sep 2 5:53pm · Post kidney transplant issues in Transplants

Thank you.

Mon, Sep 2 5:11pm · Post kidney transplant issues in Transplants

Thank you for the reply. They took blood on Friday to have his iron checked, haven’t heard back about it. I am his caregiver and I was for his sister also. She was his donor but the day of surgery they did a swap. His sister is doing good. As for me…. I’m a survivor 😊. Thank you for asking.

Mon, Sep 2 5:03pm · Post kidney transplant issues in Transplants

Thank you for the reply. My big concern is that by him laying around all day he’s losing muscle tone. I’ve noticed that he gets out of breath just walking a few feet. I keep telling him that he has to force himself to get up and move around.