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Sep 6, 2019 · Pembrolizumab (Keytruda), Cannabis and Cannabinoids in Lung Cancer

@lisamb – is this a chemo or immunotherapy drug?? And what kind of non small cell lung cancer?? I myself have stage IV with high pdl1 protien adenocarcinoma

Sep 6, 2019 · After Keytruda, what's next? in Lung Cancer

@merpreb – good morning and thanks for reaching out. I have stage IV adenocarcinoma of the lung. I also have tumors in my liver and it is also in my bones. I had a tumor in my ovaries that completely went away after 4 rounds of taxol and carboplatin chemo. My dr. Stated she stopped chemo because tumors shrunk and that were would just continue in keytruda. Never being a smoker before this news came as a complete shock.

Sep 6, 2019 · After Keytruda, what's next? in Lung Cancer

@coleen young. I see her again next week. I'm definitely going to ask about molecular testing. All I know now is that it is a squamous noon small cell lung cancer. Also that I have a very high pdl1 level. Things just seem hopeless at times because every where I read that long term survival rates are not good

Sep 2, 2019 · After Keytruda, what's next? in Lung Cancer

Honestly I am not sure exactly the names of testing that have been done. This is a good question I can ask my oncologist. Sometimes I don't know what to ask. Thank you

Sep 2, 2019 · After Keytruda, what's next? in Lung Cancer

Thank you for prayers. Yes that is what she says. I did ask what after the 2 years. She told me to have hope something new comes out meanwhile

Aug 28, 2019 · After Keytruda, what's next? in Lung Cancer

@merpreb …Hi, my name is Elizabeth. 31 yrs old.I was diagnosed with stage IV nsclc in April. I saw your story on here and it has given me hope. I’m currently on keytruda. Unfortunately my oncologist at this time says there is no cure and that keytruda can only be administered for 2 years. That she is only helping me live longer at this point because there is no cure. I did have taxol and carboplatin (4 rounds). My tumors have shrunk. But when I ask the dr “what next after 2 years of keytruda she says we’ll wait and see. It’s sort frustrating. I have to ask. What was your treatment?? Because the 5 year mark almost sounds impossible from what my dr states. Or if anyone else here knows of any new treatments.