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Tue, Oct 8 9:27am · After effects of heavy antibiotics in Digestive Health

got a call from the urologist last night , I still have this UTI after five weeks, started another antibiotic, didn't sleep with worry, third antiiotici

Mon, Oct 7 8:53am · After effects of heavy antibiotics in Digestive Health

five years ago I had a sinus infection and two docs gave me several antibiotics, I kept saying they were making me very, very sick til my husband took me to the docs and I passed out so she called an ambulance, I had cdiff four times and finally they did a fecal transplant, lost 20 pounds. My gut has never been the same then I got a uti last month and had to take an antibiotic for three days but it didn't get rid of the infection so took another for 5 days and still feel sick. I have taken a probitotic for all these years but GI doc said to take visbiome for two months as he suspects I will get the cdiff again. I am a wreck, I have a brain tumor that has been scaring me but the thought of cdiff again did me in. I told the doc the antibiotic was making me very sick and he said it was all he could give me so take and put up with the side effects!

Wed, Oct 2 12:56pm · Anxiety or Heart Issues? in Depression & Anxiety

there is no end, had it most of my life. I have gone to pain clinics to no avail unless it is my arthritis or something they can treat.

Wed, Oct 2 12:37pm · Anxiety or Heart Issues? in Depression & Anxiety

I have tried everything under the sun for fibro and when it hits I just stay in bed til it passes. Nothing seems to work for me, tried gabapentin for awhile and it did nothing, lyrica was horrible and SSRI's do not work for me

Wed, Oct 2 12:36pm · Anxiety or Heart Issues? in Depression & Anxiety

you can buy a heater that helps with the shakes but if they are from an infection then you have to have that taken care of, if it is anxiety I take a half of a Xanax, takes time to figure it out. I have had a UTI for three weeks and the antibiotics cause diarrhea and I am hoping I don't get cdiff back again, today I went to get rechecked for the UTI and the diarrhea was so bad I got the shakes so have to rehydrate,ugh

Mon, Sep 30 9:37am · Anxiety or Heart Issues? in Depression & Anxiety

I get the shakes during a fibromyalgia flare, huddle under blankets in 90 degree heat, get them when I have an infection, get them if I gulp down cold water, get them really bad during a migraine, so bad it looks like a seizure or stroke then anxiety sets in and docs jump right to that. You know your own body better then anyone.

Mon, Sep 30 9:13am · Anyone else diagnosed with acoustic neuroma, a benign brain tumor? in Brain Tumor

I have spent too much time doing the wait and see, can't leave the house because the dizziness is so bad, no more driving, muffled hearing, gaps in memory,etc all garbled up with migraines/vertigo. I feel like a circus show because the docs have only read about this and never have seen a patient. I think I am going to try to get to a Mayo clinic and see what they have to say.

Mon, Sep 23 9:10am · Ibs, gastritis or worse in Digestive Health

I have GERD and when I lay down my heart starts palping, weird