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Wed, Mar 11 11:53am · Watching a Meningioma Brain Tumor in Brain Tumor

he said we should do the radiation thing, it most likely will keep growing so wants to do this procedure, first another MRI, Ct scan then make a mask. Then do the radiation. My concern is this virus going around, one case at Duke. I called to see what I should do so am waiting for a return call. Scared out of my wits. Haven't left the house except for the docs and the cardiologist canceled my stress test.I feel paralyzed trying to make these appointments and stress is through the roof. I didn't pay much attention to the corona virus til I watched the news, I am 74, health problems and they say stay home.

Thu, Mar 5 4:23pm · New device: A neuroinfusion drug delivery system for brain tumor chemo in Brain Tumor

I met with surgeons at Duke this week and I think we are going with stereotactic radiosurgery, anyone done this procedure?

Mon, Mar 2 2:26pm · Watching a Meningioma Brain Tumor in Brain Tumor

the ENT surgeon who works with the neurosurgeon refuses to operate, too many risks for me so I will see what the oncologist says tomorrow

Sun, Mar 1 7:04pm · Watching a Meningioma Brain Tumor in Brain Tumor

I went to Duke in NC last year and they didn't agree on whether to do surgery or not so we did the wait and see thing as they thought it was not causing my symptoms, I just had another MRI and the tumor doubled in size. I go Tuesday to consult with the radiation oncologist and don't feel comfortable because they didn't agree last year and they don't agree this year. I have had surgeries,etc at Duke and was comfortable but this time I am afraid and distrustful. I am 74. Not sure what questions to even ask.

Sun, Mar 1 6:38pm · Mild Cognitive Impairment (Mild Neurocognitive Disorder) in Brain & Nervous System

today our children came for my husbands 80th birthday ,our kids are college professors, one 28 year old grandson and his wife. The conversations went like this, "do you remember what's his name? Used to live on what's that street that was just right off highway something" Remember the guitar player that was popular, oh you remember, he had a mustache and we saw him in Nashville" I have taken Xanax for 30 years, three of us take omeprazole, one takes a pill for epilepsy. Docs tell me mine is stress related, I have a brain tumor, my husband never took a pill in his life so I don't worry about it. I asked the doc about omeprazole and she said forget everything they said about it, new studies show it doesn't cause memory loss. Everyday things change.

Thu, Feb 27 1:21pm · Anyone else diagnosed with acoustic neuroma, a benign brain tumor? in Brain Tumor

I was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma last year and was on a wait and see, this year it doubled in size and ma scheduled to discuss options with doc for radiation or surgery, ENT surgeon refuses to do surgery so I have decisions to make and feel left hanging in the air. Anyone have radiation?

Wed, Feb 26 11:01am · Surgery or no surgery: possible low-grade glioma? in Brain Tumor

I was on a wait and see program and yesterday they told me the tumor doubled in size, I was furious because I did not want to wait a whole year to see if it had grown so now face more decisions. I go to Duke in NC but the Mayo seems to be the better choice according to some docs. However that is some distance and I am pretty much alone. Anyone had radiation?

Sat, Feb 8 2:30pm · Ebstein Barr & Fibromyalgia in Infectious Diseases

I rarely see anyone but yesterday the neighbor saw I posted a free TV on the website and came to get it and told me I looked terrible. I have told her a thousand times not to bother me in the morning but things go on her schedule so I wont see her for another year or more! I see on my medical reports that I am a very pleasant person,HA!