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4 days ago · Depression and Anxiety at an older age in Depression & Anxiety

I take a half Xanax at lunch time because it helps with dizziness then one at bedtime and some melatonin, I used to feel guilty because I took it and was afraid of what docs thought when they saw it on my records but not anymore, whatever helps do it. I really only get anxiety when I have to go to the doctors but the Xanax helps with other things you may have, only problem is it is short acting

Thu, Jun 18 8:34am · Surgery or no surgery: possible low-grade glioma? in Brain Tumor

still waiting for the covid virus to calm down but the rates are rising, they say it is safe to do the radiation treatment. Anyone had it done for an AN?

Sun, Jun 14 8:19am · Horrible leg pain with fibromyalgia in Chronic Pain

I was diagnosed with that 30 years ago, at the Cleveland Clinic after tons of tests, took BP meds which I couldn't handle, steroids for a short time and salt tablets which made Meniere's worse then compression hose. By the time I got those on I was totally exhausted. Over the years I went from tachycardia to bradycardia then on to several other diagnosis. I had severe hypovolemia. I mentioned to the doctor that when I was pregnant I felt great but after I had the kids I couldn't take care of them because the fatigue, dizziness and pain was so bad so she immediately checked me for hypovolemia, SO don't be afraid to ask questions or symptoms that may seem silly because they are clues to good doctors.

Sat, Jun 13 9:14am · Benzodiazepines and tapering side effects in Addiction & Recovery

like a puppy chasing it's own tail, what's causing the stress? Stress is causing the stress, on and on. Creates havoc on your whole body and gets in the way of finding anything that may be causing the stress, whew.

Mon, Jun 8 8:56am · Multiple years with anxiety, fatigue, tinnitus and others in Mental Health

years ago I was diagnosed with POTS at the Cleveland Clinic and was told to increase salt especially during the summer then the ENT said I had Menieres which salt made things worse, somewhere in there I developed anxiety attacks, extreme fatigue, dizziness and had to quite working. These attacks came on suddenly but I could function during times without all these symptoms then as I got older the symptoms became debilitating and now I have an acoustic neuroma, ringing in my ears has been so long I have names for the different noises. I am supposed to have radiation for the tumor but it won't take all these symptoms away. God only knows how long I have had the tumor. I no longer drive or go out. When docs see anxiety or fibromyalgia, CFS,etc they dismiss you so if you know something is wrong trudge on. Verigo and dizziness are a constant problem.

Sun, Jun 7 8:27am · Anyone else diagnosed with acoustic neuroma, a benign brain tumor? in Brain Tumor

I have all those symptoms and I haven't had the gamma knife surgery yet and I was told it wouldn't change anything as far as symptoms go but it should shrink the tumor. I am petrified to get worse then I am right now. I have been like this for several years but getting worse as I age.

Thu, Jun 4 7:08pm · C Difficile: Do you have memory issues, disoriention, confusion? in Digestive Health

I had cdiff five times til they did a transplant and I never recovered, can't remember simple words, for instance, the other day I fixed pancakes and as I sat to eat I couldn't remember the word pancake. I sat there scared and my husband looked at me not knowing what to say. This is everyday and to make matters worse I have a brain tumor but they say that isn't causing this. Right in the middle of a conversation I can't remember what I was talking about, total black out. I have had heart attacks, cancer, fibro, CFS and now this brain tumor facing surgery and Cdiff is stuck in my head forever. I have told every doc and the neurologists say it is vestibular migraines. I don't trust any of them

Thu, May 28 8:35am · Losing hearing because of brain tumor in Brain Tumor

I was scheduled for radiation from an AN but canceled because of the virus. Does radiation cause hearing loss? I had sudden hearing loss a few years ago and went to the ER but it came back. My an was small and grew in a year and at my age radiation is my only option but no one said anything about side effects other then all it would do is try to stop the growth but not give my hearing back or help with vertigo.anyone had radiation?