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4 days ago · Undissolved stitches following TKR in Joint Replacements

I had that happen also. The sutures are designed to dissolve in moist conditions, the lit,le pieces left outside the skin tend to dry out and become very prickly. I kept moistening mine well in shower, and it gradually fell out

Sat, Jan 18 11:08am · What can you do to extend the life of your TKR and mobility? in Joint Replacements

Very helpful to read this. I have not been able to walk downhills safely for many years, and since my TKR cannot do that at all. I made a lot of mistakes with choosing surgeon, although I live in Alberta and was given no choice of who I saw. I did not ask questions as I felt very intimidated by doctor who spoke mainly to my husband who was with me in appt. For my second knee, I am going to research surgeon and will pay privately to get the right one. I will ensure I also get adequate physio and after care, as I had none with first knee. Thanks for the tips

Fri, Jan 17 12:04pm · Night Pain: Using a knee wedge after total knee replacement? in Joint Replacements

Thanks for suggestion of custom knee. I will certainly as about that for my second knee

Fri, Jan 17 10:33am · Night Pain: Using a knee wedge after total knee replacement? in Joint Replacements

I have thought about that one often. When I had my knee done, it was done as semi urgent as I had some bad tears which were not reparable due to bone loss. So I didn’t have a lot of choice. I have to say I am a bit disappointed with the result. I expected no pain, maybe some odd sensations, and definitely improved mobility. I do now have discomfort and sometimes pain if I overextend myself., such as too much on bike or lot of in and out of car. Sitting long periods is not good. I do my exercises, and still have trouble getting up from chair and toilet. My other knee is bad, so that muddy s the waters. If I look back I guess the big positive is being able to walk and move without crippling pain.i don’t use a cane any more, I can drive, and I can exercise in pool. I keep those positives in my head. I am going to wait as long as I can for my other knee, and pray I get better result. I have friends with great outcomes, so I know it can be done with the right doctor and therapy.

Thu, Jan 16 10:29am · Night Pain: Using a knee wedge after total knee replacement? in Joint Replacements

I was getting such pain with my knees touching all night, and the weight of my TkR on my other bad knee. Pillows always fell out so I ordered a small memory foam pillow that looks like a small saddle. I place that just above mu knee between my thighs. It works great, keeps my knees from touching and my legs and back in alignment. I am 15 monts post surgery

Wed, Jan 1 6:26pm · Exercise bikes in Joint Replacements

For me it was an easy decision as my balance is poor, and bike at gym is so high. I use recumbent bike , except when we travel and I find lower upright bike, as it does seem do give good stretch like you say

Dec 28, 2019 · Chronic,debilitating pain after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

I’m sorry you are gong through that pain. When I had first TkR in 2018, my pain level was 3-9 for first 6 months or so. Had to stay on stronger meds, and keep getting lectures about possible addiction, but was able to wean off slowly. We don’t get physio after TKR here, so my PT consisted of me following book, and I was told to back off if pain, I still do same ones one year later.I checked out the link from Babette, and most of those exercises I didn’t do, other than bed slides and lunges at slow pace.I used book, did pool walking and recumbent bike.

Nov 22, 2019 · Severe Burning Pain after Knee Replacement in Joint Replacements

It will be good to get it checked for infection. I get varying jolts and pain on outer aspect of my knee and over kneecap. Often like a zapping, which I was told was where nerves were cut. Must be discouraging for you, I hope you get some answers.