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5 days ago · Stimwave user here in Neuropathy

I am still not sure about re-posting so I am using "reply". I am Don and I have an open question to anyone in-the-know. How can In convince my health insurance company to pay for another (different) SCS ?—-Stimwave did not work for me so now I want to go with Boston Scientific because my B.S. trial worked great! I dont know if they will pay for both of them.

Fri, Oct 18 6:00am · Stimwave user here in Neuropathy

I would like to know a good CBD pain relieving oil. (Don)

Sat, Sep 28 11:10pm · Stimwave user here in Neuropathy

I hate to admit this but my Stimwave SCS isn't helping much. I think I should have gotten the Boston Scientific SCS. But that one requires the battery being placed under my skin in order to work. My name is Don.

Sat, Sep 21 1:25pm · Stimwave user here in Neuropathy

It has been a month and my Stimwave SCS is still not helping much.

Sun, Sep 8 10:44pm · Ideas for pain relief from Small Fiber Neuropathy (SFN) in Neuropathy

Boston Scientific makes a SCS (spine cord stimulate) that helps/

Sun, Sep 8 10:04pm · Stimwave user here in Neuropathy

I have been using Stimwave for weeks now and "the jury is still out". I ran into a minor complication so it slowed progress but I will keep everyone informed! I would say by the end of Sept. I will reach an informed decision.

Sun, Sep 8 9:59pm · Stimwave user here in Neuropathy

Stimwave and other companies have been using SCS (spinal cord stimulation) for pain. Boston Scientific too. You can access their web sites and find a dr. —-most insurance companies pay. The companies compete so compare. Pain dr.s usually work with them.

Wed, Sep 4 11:56pm · Stimwave user here in Neuropathy

Please watch this short video about Stimwave SCS